Pegasus are a tag team currently active in the XWF. The team is made up of Jamie Gregory and Ryan Moore.


XWF's Developmental 2010 - 2011Edit

Pegasus spent a couple of years training in The Owners developmental arena, they made a name for themselves with their impressive chemistry and their innovative in ring style.

XWF CareerEdit

Pegasus would spend early season one wrestling odd tag team matches, but would slowly begin to rise through
Pegasus redemption

Pegasus at the Redemption PPV

the ranks of the XWF's tag division. Leading up to the Battle Lines pay per veiw, Pegasus would get a suprise clean victory over the Birds of Prey to secure themselves a shot at the Tag Division Champions the Hardcore Hate Crew. At Battle Lines Pegasus would hold their own but ultimately fall short. Pegasus would once again win a shot for a rematch at the following pay per view Redemption, but again would loose to the champions Hardcore Hate Crew. Pegasus would face Birds of Prey with an oppotunity for a third match at the Absolution pay per view, but would loose the match. They have vowed to become the Tag Division Champions in XWF Season 2.   

Tag Team hiatus Edit

Due to Ryan Moore taking a severe ankle injury at the start of XWF Season 2, Pegasus had to take an in-ring hiatus. Jamie Gregory has promised as soon as Ryan is healthy the team will return to the ring. Jamie has not crossed out the chance of doing singles wrestling until Ryan returns.

Signature Double Team MovesEdit

  • Wings of Pegasus
  • Double Flapjack

XWF Title HistoryEdit

Pegasus currently have no title history in the XWF.

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