Superstar of the Year Tournament logo.

Superstar of the Year Tournament is a Supershow or CPV created by PASW. The next one will be celebrated on July 6th. 

There will be a 8-competitor tournament that will crown the new 2012's Superstar of the Year in PASW Wrestling. 

The current "Superstar of the Year" is Road Rocker, who won the tournament of 2011.  

Last "Superstar of the Year" Tournaments:Edit

SOY Tournament of 2009Edit

The tournament of 2009 was celebrated at Saturday Night's Fights 5, where 4 men competed for that accomplishment. The finals of the tournament were disputed at New Year's Revolution:

- 1st Semi-finals: Adryan (Adrian Destiny) def. AJ Styles

- 2nd Semi-finals: Jeff Hardy def. S5 (Alpha)

- Finals: Jeff Hardy def. Adryan

Jeff Hardy became the 2009's Superstar of the Year and the Hardcore Champion, which was also on the line.

SOY Tournament of 2010Edit

The tournament of 2010 was celebrated at WarMania I, changing the format radically into a 4-Way contest:

- Justin Gavin def. Jay Lethal, Casey Borden (Bison), and Amazing Todd

Justin Gavin

2010's Superstar of the Year: Justin Gavin

Justin Gavin became the 2010's Superstar of the Year.

SOY Tournament of 2011Edit

The tournament of 2011 was celebrated at This is ECW! 15. The format was re-edited as a normal tournament:

- 1st Semi-finals: Spuch def. Austin Sopp, and Justin Gavin

- 2nd Semi-finals: Road Rocker def. Adrian Destiny, and Freddy

- Finals: Road Rocker def. Spuch

Road Rocker became the 2011's Superstar of the Year.

Road Rocker

2011's Superstar of the Year: Road Rocker

2012's Superstar of the Year TournamentEdit

There was an entire CPV to find out who the new Superstar of the Year was going to be. The tournament was contested by 8 competitors in a traditional elimination system. This CPV was celebrated on July 6th. The highlights of the show are available here. These are the spoilers of the show:

  • Quarterfinal 2: Rob Van Dam def. BD Thunder
  • Quarterfinal 4: Brian Thunder def. Eric Hero
  • No. 1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Title at Backlash: Justin Gavin def. Omega, and Archangel 
  • Semifinal 1: Adrian Destiny def. Rob Van Dam
  • Semifinal 2: Brian Thunder def. Austin Sopp
  • Shawn Michaels def. Jake Tyler Hart
  • Finals: Adrian Destiny def. Brian Thunder to retain the PASW Undisputed Championship. 

Adrian Destiny became the 2012's Superstar of the Year.

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