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Raw Attitude is a PASW Supershow that was firstly taped on March 30th 2013. It was created to be a tribute to the WWF Attitude Era. 

Raw Attitude 2013Edit

The event took place in Saginaw, USA. The highlights of the show are available in this link. The results were:

  • Cruiserweight Championship match: The Tornado (c) def. Rey Mysterio
  • Hardcore Championship match: Rob Van Dam (c) def. Vance Archer. After the match, RVD announced that he would defend the title 24/7 that very same night.
  • Hardcore Championship match: Jake Tyler Hart def. Rob Van Dam (c)
    Tornado as Cuiserweight Champion

    The Tornado defeated Mysterio.

  • Austin Sopp & Colten Sopp def. The New Nation (The Rock, Kofi Kingston, and MVP)
  • Hardcore Championship match: Alpha def. Jake Tyler Hart (c)
  • Hardcore Championship match: David Hart Smith def. Alpha (c)
  • Kane def. Stone Cold Steve Austin in a WrestleMania 2013 rematch.
  • Hardcore Championship match: Hurrican Helms def. David Hart Smith (c)

    Adrian Destiny retains the PASW Undisputed Title.

  • WWE Championship match: Edge def. Batista (c). When the match was over, Primo appeared and cashed in the Money in the Bank contract, becoming the new WWE Champion.
  • Hardcore Championship match: Terry Funk def. Hurricane Helms (c)
  • PASW Undisputed Championship 3-Way match: Adrian Destiny (c) def. Brian Thunder, and Road Rocker.

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