PASW Power Board is used to sort PASW competitors according to their victories and defeats. This concept is new in 2013. Last Update: August, 2013

No. Name(s) Title(s)
1 Adrian Destiny PASW Undisputed Champion
2 Alpha & Road Rocker PASW Tag Team Champions
3 BD Thunder Hardcore Champion
4 Shawn Michaels PASW Intercontinental Champion
5 Terry Funk
6 The Tornado Cruiserweight Champion
7 Jake Tyler Hart
8 Rodríguez
9 Austin Sopp & Colten Sopp
10 Freddy & Maverick
11 Rodríguez & Mr. Amazing Todd
12 Justin Gavin
13 Austin Sopp
14 Bison
15 Vance Archer
16 David Hart Smith
17 Archangel & Omega
18 Eric Hero
19 Archangel
20 Rob Van Dam
21 L. Lee & Gangsta
22 Alpha
23 Brian Thunder
24 Omega
25 Road Rocker

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