PASW Anniversary Bash is a CPV which celebrates the anniversary of PASW
Anniversary Bash logo

Anniversary Bash Logo

The Bash 2012Edit

The evento was celebrated in Sacramento, California. The highlights of the event are available here. Spoilers:

  • PreShow: Austin Sopp & Eric Angle def. Rodríguez & Vladimir Kozlov
  • The Hart Dungeon (Jake Tyler Hart & David Hart Smith) & Young Blood def. Mario Sánchez & Justin Gavin
  • Road Rocker def. Spuch to retain the WCW Championship. According to the special stipulation, Spuch left PASW. 
  • Adrian Destiny (Team Europe) def. Alpha (Team USA) in the finals of the PASW World Game. Adrian attacked William Regal, and became the leader of Team Europe.  

Anniversary Bash 2013Edit

It was celebrated on August, 31st, 2013. The official theme of the event was "Save Me" by Shinedown. The show is available here. Spoilers:

  • Colten Sopp def. Austin Sopp, Mr. Williams, Matt Hardy, Sokolov, and Chavo Guerrero in the Anniversary Battle Royal. 
  • Terry Funk def. BD Thunder to win the Hardcore Championship back. Eric Hero appeared and slammed BD. 
  • Norah Destiny, Beth Phoenix, and Jessica Gore qualified for the Semifinals of the PASW Women's Championship Tournament. 
  • Justin Gavin def. The Tornado in an Ironman match to become the new Cruiserweight Champion. The result was 13-12 for Justin. 
  • Jake Tyler Hart def. Shawn Michaels to become the new PASW Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion. 
  • The A & R Connection (Alpha & Road Rocker) def. Fear Society (Freddy & Maverick) in a tables match to retain the PASW Tag Team Championships. After the match, Freddy chokeslammed Maverick.  
  • Adrian Destiny def. Lula to retain the PASW Undisputed Championship. During the match, AJ Reyes appeared and hit both Destiny and Lula. After that, AJ Reyes put Destiny over Lula and got the pinfall. 

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