OWF is back and we are better than ever. OWF will return with an original CPV on WWE 2k14 with an updated roster and an amazing card. The card is followed below.

Match CardEdit

Matt Sparxx vs McLain CageEdit

Sparxx and Cage have yet to debut in the CAW world and both men look to get their young careers off the right foot.

Wild Cards  (Ian Blaze and Drew Spade) vs The Hitman and Nick BrinkEdit

The Wild Cards havent taken too kindly to the new stars Hitman and Nick Brink. The two teams clash at Rebirth and will settle their differences

Intercontinental Championship MatchEdit

The prestigious Intercontinental Title will be defended in a Fatal 4 Way match and will feature superstars only from other federations that have signed contracts to OWF. It will be Mario Sanchez vs Shadow vs Kid Wild vs Alieus in a Ladder Match.

World Heavyweight Championship MatchEdit

6 men will compete in a barbaric match called The Ultimate Bloodshed Match. The match starts with a 6 man battle royal and the 1st elimiated is out and the winner gets a buy from the next match. The remaning 4 will compete in a Fatal 4 Way Table Match and the loser is out. The winner of the BR will return and compete in a Fatal 4 Way Over the Top BR where based on eliminations will depend on who faces who. Then 2 single matches will happen. 1 TLC Match and 1 Extreme Rules Match. The winners advance to a One on One Steel Cage match and the winner by escape only becomes champion. The competitors are DJ Hero vs Greg Savior vs JZ vs Joe Angelo vs The Wingman vs Danny Blade


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