The OCW/OWF Intercontinental Championship was brought to the company in 2011 when Archangel defeated Cody Rhodes on the first episode of OCW.

Championship ReignsEdit

Here are the champions of OCW and the rebrand of OWF in order of who was champion, who they defeated and at what event did they win the championship.


Last Champion Event Won At
Archangel Cody Rhodes OCW Superstars
Pletcher Archangel OCW Superstars
JZ Pletcher OCW Extreme Rules
Mistico JZ OCW Elimination Chamber
Scorpio Mistico OCW Wrestlemania
vacant Scorpio
Omega - OCW Summerslam
Jason Daniel Omega OCW Superstars
vacant Jason Daniel
Greg Savior - OCW Cyber Vengeance
Alex Cousins Greg Savior

OCW Money in the Bank

vacant Alex Cousins

Number of ReignsEdit

  • JZ 1x
  • Archangel 1x
  • Pletcher 1x
  • Jason Daniel 1x
  • Greg Savior 1x
  • Scorpio 1x
  • Mistico 1x
  • Omega 1x
  • Alex Cousins 1x

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