NHBW is a CAW Promotion made by ShaunLovesAnimating/ShaunIsGaming/Angel Alexander. It features CAWs made by him and other CAWs (like Brett Storm and Sean Avery) make one off appearances.

Main Roster Edit

Champions Edit

Championship Current Champion(s) Event Won Previous Champion(s)
NHBW Championship Angel Alexander NHBW Blitzkrieg N/A
NHBW Emperor Championship Clark The Great NHBW Revengeance N/A
NHBW Ultraviolent Championship Quincy Demont NHBW Revengeance N/A
NHBW Ultra Premium Championship Kenta Hizaki NHBW SummerClash Mr Macho
NHBW Tag Team Championship Brothers of Kaos (Daniel Platinum Douglas & David Douglas) NHBW SummerClash N/A

Main Roster Edit

  • Aaron Young
  • Abigor - Satan's Prison Winner
  • Angel Alexander - 1x NHBW Champion
  • Clark The Great - 1x Emperor Champion
  • Daniel Platinum Douglas - 1x Tag Team Champion
  • David Douglas - 1x Tag Team Champion
  • Johnny Grace
  • Kenta Hizaki - 1x Ultra Premium Champion
  • Leonardo De Vega
  • Maximus Mondragon
  • Matteo
  • Mr Macho - 1x Ultra Premium Champion
  • Nick Rich
  • Omar Bautista
  • Ori Malice
  • Quincy Demont - 1x Ultraviolent Champion
  • Sean The Saint
  • Sir Dance A Lot
  • Sokolov The Immortal
  • Stunning Bradd
  • Tom Wallace
  • X-Zander

Tag TeamsEdit

  • Brothers of Kaos (Daniel Platinum Douglas & David Douglas)
  • Knights of the Roundtable (Leonardo de Vega & Omar Bautista)


Women's Division (Now Defunct)Edit

  1. Eva
  2. Girl Dynamite
  3. Mercedes Charles
  4. Violet Gorgeous

One Off Appearances Edit

CPVs Edit


No. Event Main Event
1 NHBW Revengeance Angel Alexander vs Stunning Bradd for the NHBW Championship
2 NHBW Blitzkrieg Angel Alexander vs Nick Rich for the NHBW Championship
3 NHBW Ultranumb Angel Alexander (c) vs Stunning Bradd vs Nick Rich for the NHBW Championship
4 NHBW SummerClash Angel Alexander (c) vs Maximus Mondragon for the NHBW Championship
5 NHBW War of Supremecy Angel Alexander (c) vs Abigor for the NHBW Championship

(Soon to come)

  • Living in Sin
  • The Survival Games
  • End Game
  • Best of the Best Awards Show (A regular episode of NHBW, but is based around awards; just like they Slammy awards or the FaMmy's)
  • Royal Rumble
  • God's Gift
  • WrestleMania

Other Accomplishments Edit

Accomplishment Recent Winner Event Won Previous Winner
Satan's Prison Abigor NHBW SummerClash N/A
Royal Rumble N/A NHBW Royal Rumble N/A

Defunct Championships Edit

Championship Last Champion Event Won Date Retired
NHBW Empress Championship Violet Gorgeous NHBW Episode 4 14 Aug. '17