NHBW is a CAW Promotion made by ShaunLovesAnimating/ShaunIsGaming/Angel Alexander. It features CAWs made by him and other CAWs (like Brett Storm and Sean Avery) make one off appearances.

Main Roster Edit

Champions Edit

  • NHBW Championship - Angel Alexander
  • NHBW Emperor Championship - Clark The Great
  • NHBW Ultraviolent Championship - Quincy Demont 
  • NHBW Ultra Premium Championship - Kenta Hizaki 
  • NHBW Tag Team Championship - Brothers of Kaos (Daniel Platinum Douglas & David Douglas) 

Main Roster Edit

  • Aaron Young
  • Abigor - Satan's Prison Winner
  • Angel Alexander - 1x NHBW Champion
  • Clark The Great - 1x Emperor Champion
  • Daniel Platinum Douglas - 1x Tag Team Champion
  • David Douglas - 1x Tag Team Champion
  • Johnny Grace
  • Kenta Hizaki - 1x Ultra Premium Champion
  • Leonardo De Vega
  • Maximus Mondragon
  • Matteo
  • Mr Macho - 1x Ultra Premium Champion
  • Nick Rich
  • Omar Bautista
  • Ori Malice
  • Quincy Demont - 1x Ultraviolent Champion
  • Sean The Saint
  • Sir Dance A Lot
  • Sokolov The Immortal
  • Stunning Bradd
  • Tom Wallace
  • X-Zander

Tag TeamsEdit

  • Brothers of Kaos (Daniel Platinum Douglas & David Douglas)
  • Knights of the Roundtable (Leonardo de Vega & Omar Bautista)


Women's Division (Now Defunct)Edit

  1. Eva
  2. Girl Dynamite
  3. Mercedes Charles
  4. Violet Gorgeous

One Off Appearances Edit

CPVs Edit


(Soon to come)

  • War of Supremacy
  • Living in Sin
  • The Survival Games
  • End Game
  • Best of the Best Awards Show (A regular episode of NHBW, but is based around awards; just like they Slammy awards or the FaMmy's)
  • Royal Rumble
  • God's Gift
  • WrestleMania

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