Morpheus, real name Lex Bryan Jesse is a professional Wrestler currently signed to the XWF.

XWF Developmental 2011 - 2014 Edit

Morpheus was hired into the XWF Development area just before XWF Started up properly. The Owner wasn't quite sure Morpheus was ready for the main show, telling him he wanted to see more progression of his in-ring work before he would move him up. Morpheus agreed and set his goal to improve as much as he could to get a call up.

XWF Career 2015 - Present Edit

The Owner decided that it was time to move Morpheus up the main roster, and sent him a contract disguised as a Christmas card. Morpheus is now signed but has yet to make his debut.

Finishing and Signature Moves Edit

Finishing Move(s)

  • City of Dreams

Signatures Move(s)

  • Shape Shifter

XWF Title History Edit

Morpheus currently has no title history in the XWF.

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