Kozek is a competitor on NSWL. He has been with the company since season 2. He has only won one match ever in the show against a guy who isnt even on the roster. He appears to have some wrestling ability, but is mostly just a jobber.

Bad LuckEdit

Kozek has been wrestling for quite some time. He had never won a match for most of his wrestling career. He grew angry and tired of the fact that he couldn't achieve a victory in NSWL. In season 2, he had the help of The Clown to train him for his upcoming wrestlemania matchup. He was facing Josh in a singles matchup. Unfortunately he fell short and lost that match. Though he did earn some respect from Josh after the match because he improved so much. For the majority of Season 3, he still had remained winless.

 Finally Living the DreamEdit

For season 3 wrestlemania, Kozek had to opportunity to challenge Coach Bibler. Bibler had earlier that year appeared on commentary and smack talked Kozek. Kozek challenged him claiming he didn't have what it took and couldn't beat him. Kozek faced Bibler at Wrestlemania and claimed his first ever win. He beat Bibler and Bibler hasn't been seen since. So Kozek finally achieved his dream with an official win in NSWL.

Back to NormalEdit

For all of Season 4, Kozek has not won a match, appearing to just be a one hit wonder. He has shown much improvement in his matches though. He recently formed a tag team with Shamus in hopes to become tag team champions someday.

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