John X is an original CAW, who currently signed to the CAW promotions ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling), YWA (Youtube Wrestling Association), & FPW (Final Point Wrestling).

John X

John X in ELW

ELW (2008-present)Edit

John X made his ELW debut by defeating Danny Pearson for the Intercontinental Championship. He would hold the title for a month before dropping the title to Trevor Scott. John entered the Royal Rumble match, but failed to win. He would then form a tag team with Justin Blair called Xtreme Icons. At WrestleMania, John teamed with Justin Blair to defeated The British Luchadores (British Hero and The English Luchador) to become the new  World Tag Team Champions. Later, losing the titles and returned to singles action, during this time was Hardcore Champion.

Return of Xtreme Icons (2012)Edit

Xtreme Icons tag champs

Xtreme Icons as ELW Tag Team Champions.

John entered the Rumble match but failed to win. At WrestleMania 2012, was revelated as the mistery parthner of Justin Blair to defeating Flash and Dash to become Tag Team Championships in a ladder match, meaning the return of Xtreme Icons. Xtreme Icons made his first title defense against Curtis and Zachary at Backlash in a winning effort. At Judgment Day, retained the titles against Todo Americano and America O´ Clock after the match was attacked by The Grish and Vega . At Extreme Rules, alongside Justin Blair defends the ELW Tag Team Championships against The Grish and Vega but lost the titles. At Saturday Night's Main Event, teamed with Justin Blair but was defeated by Wolfpac (A-X and "The Wolf" Kid Wild) in a lossing effort. At The Bash, he snapped his losing streak by deafeating Ekara and Shawn Owins with Justin Blair. On the first episode of SmackDown!, John will face against Kid Wild in a Extreme Rules match and in a brutal match Kid WIld won then Jeff Evanscene attacked John X and Justin Blair came to save his partner.

YFW (2014-present)Edit

John X would make his debut at YFW (YouTube Full Wrestling) in its first CPV Capital Carnage along with his tag team partner Justin Blair confronting the newly crowned YFW Tag Team Champions Straight Code Society (Straight Code Star & Code X).

YWA (2014-Present)Edit

It was reported that John X had signed a contract with YWA (Youtube Wrestling Association). When he will debut is unknown.

FPW (2014-Present)Edit

It was reported that John X had signed a contract with FPW (Final Point Wrestling). When he will debut is unknown.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Intercontinental Champion - 1x
  • Hardcore Champion - 1x
  • Tag Team Champion - 1x, with Justin Blair
  • World Tag Team Champion - 2x, with Justin Blair


  • Tag Team Champion - 1x with Justin Blair