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Jacob Cass in WWE2K17

Not to be confused with the CAW in the WWE 12 Road To WrestleMania. See Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass is an original CAW created by "The Greatest and The Latest". Jacob Cass is currently contracted to YWE (YouTube Wrestling Entertainment), Total Impact, DWF (DoggyDog's Wrestling Federation), XWP (Xtreme Wrestling Promotion), JPW, JWF, GYW, EWE (Exclusive Wrestling Entertainment) & TWE (Total Wrestling Entertainment).

Before (2012-2015) Edit

Before getting his first contract in Total Impact, Jacob Cass worked for FMW, a promotion based on wrestling, it was here where he perfected his skills with the likes of Matt Hero, Duncan Cunner and many more. It was also at this time where he developed his "The Greatest and The Latest" character.

Total Impact (2016-present)Edit

Debut and Championship pursuits Edit

Jacob Cass would make his debut in Total Impact, taking part in triple threat match with Antho and Brett Strom, but unfortunatly he lost the match, even if he wasn't pinned.

Unfinished feud with Epic Eric Edit

(2017) Feud with Ashley Troy & Brendan X Edit

At the second episode of Total Impact, Ashley Troy would bump into Jacob Cass, Cass would insult Ashley for the lack of wins in recent matches, Ashley would decline his arguments and that he would prove to Cass that he could win, so they settle a match at Revolution. At Revolution, Jacob Cass would defeat Ashley Troy after 2 consecutive Brainbuster. After the match, Ashley Troy left the ring dissapointed.

In the episode after Revolution, Jacob Cass and Ashley Troy would have a match, but things didn't turn out so well. Before the bell rang, backstage, Ashley Troy attacked Jacob Cass, then when Jacob came to the ring, Ashley picked the microphone to annouce his new protege Brendan X, who would attack Jacob in the back, after all the damage done to Jacob, Ashley got the victory. At the next episode, Jacob would come out to the ring and cut a promo on how Ashley Troy was weak for not being able to beat Jacob on his own, and instead of relying on back up. Ashley immediatly came to the ring and insulted Jacob Cass, then Cass would "drop a bomb" on Brendan by saying that he wouldn't achieve nothing in this industry. Brendan and Ashley immediatly beated him up leaving Jacob senseless.

At Unstoppable, Jacob Cass and Ashley Troy would have their second bout, but this time, Jacob Cass lost after Brendan hitting a chair to the head of Jacob giving Ashley an opportunitty to get the victory.

DWF (2016-present)Edit

Season 2: Trios ChampionEdit

YXW (2016-present) Edit

Season 2: Debut & Intercontinental ChampionEdit

Jacob Cass would make a surprise debut at YXW WrestleMania 2 in the middle of the 6 Man Ladder Match for the YXW Intercontinental Championship. Jacob Cass would attack 3 entrants from the match ( Mart War, Jake Nacor and Gabriel Cass ), and would then grab the belt to win the YXW Intercontinental Championship. Afterwards it was announced that Jacob Cass would be drafted to Smackdown. On Superstars After YXWrestleMania 2, Jacob Cass would defeat Gabriel Cass in a Non-Title Match. At Battleground, Jacob Cass would successfully defend the Intercontinental Championship against a debuting K2K. At Summerslam, Jacob Cass would lose the Intercontinental Championship to Devin Sanchez, in only Devin's second match in YXW.

Season 3: Two Time IC Champion & Feud with Devin SanchezEdit

At Lockdown, Jacob Cass would win a 6 Man Battle Royal to win the YXW Intercontinental Championship for the second time, becoming the first ever 2x YXW IC Champion. At WrestleMania 3, however, Jacob Cass would lose the title back to the previous champion Devin Sanchez due to interference from Devin's brother AJ Reyes. At Backlash, Jacob Cass would lose in a Fatal 4 Way Match for the YXW Intercontinental Championship to a new superstar named D Chaos.

XWP (2016-present) Edit

Season 1: Debut & Move to RAW; XWP ChampionEdit

It was announced on the 17th July that Jacob Cass signed a contract with XWP. In his first match on the first episode he lost to Mahadi Khan. The next week he won a match to get an XWP Intercontinental Championship match when he defeated Mahadi Khan, Matteo, Undershock, Johnny Extreme and Mario Sanchez. He will face PJ Skillz at Pride. At XWP Pride, Jacob Cass would lose to PJ Skillz after XWP Champion Mahadi Khan distracted Cass for PJ Skillz to take advantage. On the first episode of XWP RAW, Jacob Cass would defeat Dark Shark in the Main Event to be added to the XWP Championship Match between Mahadi Khan & Silvio at XWP Outlaw. At XWP Outlaw, Jacob Cass would defeat Mahadi Khan & Silvio in a Triple Threat Match to become XWP Champion for the first time (his first ever World Championship). At XWP Conflict, Jacob Cass would retain the XWP Championship in a rematch against Mahadi Khan. At XWP Summerslam, Jacob Cass would retain his XWP championship for the second time against Joshie P. On RAW After Summerslam, Jacob Cass would lose to Johnny Extreme in a Non Title Match, allowing Johnny Extreme to be added to the XWP Championship Match (Cass vs. Chris Jericho) making it a Triple Threat Match. At XWP Nightmares, Jacob Cass would retain his XWP Championship against Chris Jericho & Demon Extreme in a Triple Threat Match. After the match, Jacob Cass would be confronted by the new No.1 Contender, and newest X Bullet Club member, DoggyDog. At XWP Survivor Series, Jacob Cass would lose his XWP Championship to DoggyDog. He would lose in his rematch at the Royal Rumble. He would enter the Rumble at Number 18 and would eliminate Demon Spyke before being eliminated by Angel Alexander. The next night, he would defeat Roacher to advance to the Elimination Chamber at Danger Zone. At Danger Zone, Cass would make it to the Final 3 before being eliminated by Curtis Stunt. On the Raw before WrestleMania, Jacob would be attacked by Anthony Payne leading to a match at WrestleMania which Cass would lose. In the Pre-Show, after Smackdown's PJ Skillz beat Raw's Shawn Sokolov, Jacob Cass was drafted to Smackdown.

Season 2: Move to Smackdown; Hardcore & Tag Team Champion Edit

On the Raw after WM, Cass would face old rival Mahadi Khan and would win after Undertaker distracted Mahadi, thus giving Smackdown another draft pick. On the SD after WM, Jacob Cass had the opportunity to become Number 1 Contender to Matteo's XWP World Heavyweight Championship however he would lose to Brett Storm. At Betrayal, Jacob Cass would answer Demon Spyke's Open Challenge for the Hardcore Title in a losing effort. At Mayhem, Jacob Cass would team up with Anthony Payne to defeat the X Bullet Club (Kenny Taylor & Reggie Killer) in a Tag Team Match. At Summerslam, Jacob Cass would win the Hardcore Championship in a 10 Man Rumble Match after last eliminating Anthony Payne. At Bragging Rights, Jacob Cass would lose to Sean Avery in a champion vs champion match. At Psychopath, Cass would lose his Hardcore Title to Anthony Payne. At Survivor Series, he would lose in his rematch to Anthony Payne. Cass would shake Payne's hand afterwards. At Destruction, Cass would lose to PJ Skillz after Zack Thompson interfered. Later in the night, he would be attacked by Skillz & Reggie Killer as XBC didn't want Cass to interfere in Reggie's Hardcore Title Match. At Royal Rumble, Cass would enter at Number 30 but would be eliminated by Victor X. At Unforgiven, Jacob Cass would team with longtime rival Anthony Payne defeating X Bullet Club. They would then be attacked by The Silver Brothers. After Cass & Payne returned the favor, a match was scheduled for WrestleMania. At WrestleMania, Jacob Cass & Anthony Payne would finally become Tag Team Partners, winning the Tag Team Championships beating The Silver Brothers.

Season 3: 2x Tag Team Champion Edit

Soon after WrestleMania 2, it was announced that Jacob Cass & Anthony Payne's first Title defense will take place at Betrayal against former Champions The Silver Brothers. At Betrayal, Cass & Payne would retain the Titles against The Silvers only to be attacked by The Silvers afterwards. At Outlaw, Cass & Payne would successfully defend their Tag Titles against Gore & Perkins but they would be attacked by The Silver Brothers after the match and their Titles would be stolen by the Silvers. At Broken Bonds, Cass & Payne would retain their Titles against The Silver Brothers one final time to end the feud. At Pick Your Poison, Cass & Payne would lose the Tag Titles to SWED. They would shows signs of a heel turn by refusing to shake SWED's hands afterwards. At Money in the Bank, after losing to SWED again, Cass & Payne would attack SWED officially turning heel. At Summerslam, Cass & Payne would defeat SWED to become the first ever 2x XWP Tag Team Champions. At Psychopath, Cass & Payne would retain their Titles inside Hell in a Cell against SWED ending the feud. They would be attacked by the returning Rebellion. At Nightmares, Cass & Payne would lose the XWP Tag Team Championships to Rebellion. Cass & Payne would have a little argument after the match but they reconciled saying they would win back the Titles at Survivor Series.

JPW (2016-present)Edit

Debut & Feud with Antho; JPW ChampionEdit

Jacob Cass would make his official debut at JPW Extreme Rules where he was defeated by Antho in a Last Man Standing Match in his debut match. After the match, Jacob Cass would attack Antho. At Payback, Jacob Cass would face Antho in a rematch, this time in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match with the winner getting a spot in the MITB LAdder Match. Jacob Cass would end up narrowly losing to Antho in 3-2 where afterwards Jacob Cass would end up injuring Antho, taking him out of the MITB Ladder Match. Jacob Cass would be added into the MITB Ladder Match at the request of Antho, so the replacement of his choosing could kick Jacob's ass. At Money In The Bank, Nightmare Kid was revealed to be Antho's replacement, however, Jacob Cass would end up being the one the retrive the briefcase making him Mr. Money In The Bank.

At Summerslam, Jacob Cass would defeat Antho in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to finally gain one up against Antho. In the main event, Jacob Cass would appear after JPW Championship TLC Match and would cash in his MITB Briefcase on JPW Champion Kevin, who was attacked post-match by his challenger Joshie P, and would defeat him to become the new JPW Champion. On RAW After Summerslam, Jacob Cass would defeat Nightmare Kid in a Non-Title match for the Main Event. Afterwards, Jacob Cass would be confronted by both Joshie P & Kevin in the ring and backstage respectively where it was announced Jacob Cass would face both of them at Night of Champions. At JPW Night of Champions, Jacob Cass would retain his title against Kevin & Joshie P. 

YWE (2016-present)Edit

2016 - Debut & Feud with RockerEdit

It was reported that Jacob Cass had signed a contract with YWE (Youtube Wrestling Entertainment) along with other talens (i.e DoggyDog, SWED, etc) as part of the New Era of YWE. He had been assigned to the RAW Roster. Jacob Cass would make his debut at Payback 2016 where he would lose to the Big Green Monster & Veteran Rocker. Jacob Cass would turn Heel by constantly blindsiding Rocker backstage and claiming he wanted to make an impact in YWE. After his loss to Rocker, Jacob Cass would challenge Rocker to a rematch in the form of a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match at Survivor Series. Team Cass would end up losing at Survivor Series in a clean sweep after both of Cass's teammates were eliminated and subsequently Cass running away. At TLC, Jacob Cass would defeat Rocker in a Tables Match after Demon Extreme made his debut and put Rocker through a table giving Jacob Cass the victory.

2017 - Feud with Angel & Dynamite; Intercontinental ChampionEdit

Jacob Cass wins lolololol

Jacob Cass winning the YWE Intercontinental Championship for the first time

At Royal Rumble 2017, Jacob Cass would enter the Royal Rumble Match at No.10 and would last a fairly good chunk of time in the match before being eliminated by then YWE United States Champion Angel. Soon afterwards, Cass would be announced as the newest No.1 Contender to Angel's US Championship at Roadblock. At Roadblock, Jacob Cass would lose to Angel. At Wrestlemania 6, Jacob Cass would lose in a Fatal 4 Way Match for the U.S Championship, but managed to cost Angel the championship against Cipher. Jacob Cass would be drafted to Smackdown following Wrestlemania 6. At Payback, Jacob Cass would defeat Angel in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match with some interference from Fayth in the final fall. At Elimination Chamber, Jacob Cass would defeat Dynamite in a Triple Threat Match (also involved DJ Hero) to become the new YWE Intercontinental Champion. At Money in the Bank he beat Dynamite in a rematch, but Cass would lose the IC title to Dynamite at Summerslam, in a career vs title match. At Night Of Champions Jacob defeat Dynamite to become 2x Intercontinental Champion. At No Mercy, Jacob Cass would retain his championship against Dynamite in an Iron Man Match to end the feud.

REW (2017-Present)Edit

Debut & Global ChampionEdit

It was reported at the end of 2016 that Jacob Cass had been signed on to Arrow's newest CAW promotion, REW (Real Entertainment Wrestling). It would be announced a couple weeks later that Jacob Cass would make his debut at the first REW CPV Global Wars in a match against DoggyDog to determine the first ever REW Global Champion. At Global Wars, Jacob Cass would face DoggyDog for the Global Championship and would beat him after a chair shot and 2 finishers to follow. Afterwards it would be announced that Jacob Cass would defend his title against DoggyDog at REW Fully Loaded in a rematch.

Premium Wrestling (2017-present)Edit

Jacob Cass would make his debut with Premium Wrestling on June 11, 2017 on their first CPV, New Beginning. Jacob Cass would compete in a Triple Threat Match against Jake Navor & Vandy to determine the first ever Premium Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion. Jacob Cass would end up defeating Navor & Vandy to become the first ever champion.

TOW (2017-present)Edit

Jacob Cass would make his debut on the RAW After Wrestlemania 1 where he defeated Manny Lopez in his debut match to become the new United States Champion. Cass would go on to lose the title to Chuck Watson at the Extreme Rules CPV. Jacob Cass would win back the U.S Title at the No Way Out CPV in a rematch. At Summerslam, Jacob Cass would have his first successful title defense against Aaron Young.

EWE (2017-present)Edit

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It was reported that, Jacob Cass signed with EWE to part of its fourth season. Is first match, would be at Extreme Rules, where he would have a shot agaisnt the Intercontinental Champion Mart War. At Extreme Rules, Jacob Cass defeated Mart War and won the Intercontinental Championship. At No Way Out, the newly crowned champion Jacob Cass, has to defend is championship agaisnt the former champ, Mart War.

TWE (2017-present) Edit

It was reported that, Jacob Cass signed a contract with TWE (Total Wrestling Entertainment). Eventually, Jacob Cass would make his debut at TWE No Mercy in a Extreme Rules match agaisnt Johnny Extreme for the TWE Hardcore title. Jacob Cass defeated Johnny Extreme and became the new TWE Hardcore champion in his debut match.

ENA (2017-present) Edit

Debut at Summerslam & Undefeated Streak Edit

It was reported that, Jacob Cass would make an appearance at ENA's Summerslam, which turned out to be true, has he interfiered in the Rex vs Herosta match, helping Rex. Jacob would finally make his debut on the Raw brand, in a match against Cold Soldier where he would win. At 2017's Hell in a Cell he faced J.B Black where he once again won. At Bragging Rights, Jacob Cass, alongside with Herosta and Cold Soldier would represent Raw in a traditional 3-man tag team elimination match, but Jacob Cass would later get replaced by Blue Star after getting blindsided by Johnny Knockout and Barbo Spike. Later on he would show up in the match just so he could brawl with Herosta. At Fully Loaded, Jacob Cass fought Thunder Fred where he would win.

ENA Championship match & Wrestlemania match with Herosta Edit

In 2018, Jacob Cass would take part on the Royal Rumble has the 25# entrant, has he entered he went straight to Herosta, unfortunatly he would get Herosta, but he wasn't done, he later helped Cold Soldier by attacking Jackslo. At Fastlane, Jacob Cass was gifted a ENA championship match after his undefeated streak, but he would lose that match making it its first lost. At Wrestlemania 5, Jacob Cass will have a match agaisnt Herosta.

GWI (2017-present) Edit

Debut & GWI Champion, Feud with Alexander "Rock" Blade Edit

At Royal Rumble S01 JC would made his debut in GWI (George Wrestling Industry) and he beat AJ Reyes in a Ladder Match to become the inaugural GWI Champion. At Fastlane Jacob cost Alexander Blade' title by attacking him when the referee was down, later he retain the GWI Championship but Alexander "Rock" Blade speared him and hit him with a Frog Splash.

AWC (2018-present) Edit

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • YXW Intercontinental Champion - 2x  


  • DWF Trios Champion - 1x with Brett Storm & Demon Spyke
  • DWF Iron Man MetalHeavyweight Champion - 1x


  • XWP Champion - 1x 
  • XWP Hardcore Champion - 1x
  • XWP Tag Team Champion - 2x with Anthony Payne


  • GYW Global Champion - 1x
  • GYW Next-Gen Champion - 1x


  • JPW Champion - 1x (Current)
  • Mr. Money In The Bank


  • REW Global Champion - 1x (Current)


  • YWA United States Champion - 1x (Current)


  • TOW United States Champion - 2x (Current)  


  • ECCW Hardcore Champion - 2x 

Premium Wrestling:

  • Junior Heavyweight Champion - 1x (Current)


  • YWE Intercontinental Champion - 2x (Current)


  • EWE Intercontinental Champion - 1x (Current)


  • CXW X-Class Champion - 1x 


  • TWE Hardcore Champion - 1x (Current)


  • GWI Champion - 1x (Current)

CAW Wrestling Observer:

  • 5 Star Match (2018): ENA Wrestlemania 5 - Jacob Cass v. Herosta
  • 5 Star Match (2018): XWP Psychopath S03 - Jacob Cass & Anthony Payne (c) vs SWED (Francaios & Roacher)
  • Ranked No.18 of the Best Wrestlers in 2017

In Wrestling Edit


  • Brainbuster
  • The Greatest Frog Splash Ever (Frog Splash)


  • Abra Kadabra (Corner Superkick)
  • Superkick

Special Moves:

  • Knees 2 Back (Suplex Backbreaker)
  • Short DDT
  • Moonsault
  • Springboard Knee Strike
  • Falcon Arrow
  • Crucifix (Headscissors)