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Ian Blaze in WWE'13

 Ian Blaze is an original CAW who is currently signed to the online federation OCW (Online Championship Federation).

OCW (2013; 2018-present)Edit

Debut and AscensionEdit

Ian Blaze made his OCW debut at Survivor Series with the group called The Ascension. He along with Pletcher, Mark Accuracy, Danny Blade and Drew Spade took out superstars on the roster. Ian and Drew took out Joe Angelo and JZ backstage. At Smackdown! he and Spade made their in-ring debuts against Joe and JZ in a losing effort in a tag team steel cage match. At Money in the Bank, Blaze was knocked out in the back by The Ninja who was later revealed as the attacker.

Wild CardsEdit

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Drew (left) and Ian (right) after a brawl

On the first episode of OCW Nitro, Blaze along with Drew Spade declared their seperation from the Ascension and formed their own tag team, Wild Cards. They were named #1 contenders for the tag titles at Night of Champions.

2nd OCW Run Edit

Ian made his return to OCW at OCW NXT Takeover by defeating Chris Gold in a tables match. Blaze then was apart of the NXT championship series but, was the first eliminated.

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Blaze has not won any titles so far