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Promotion Insane Wrestling Alliance
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Date 25 July 2017
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Last Event IWA Money In The Bank S02
Next Event IWA Summerslam S02

Career v. Title Match for the IWA Championship
Angel Alexander (c) vs. Flamer

Demon Spyke & SWED (Roacher & Francaios) vs. The Arising (Matteo, Mahadi Khan & Mohammad Khan)

Sean Avery vs. Jacob Cass

IWA Hardcore Championship
Undershock (c) vs. Connor

Shawn Sokolov vs. Joshie P

Brett Storm vs. DoggyDog


# Results Stipulations
1 DoggyDog def. Brett Storm by DQ Singles Match
2 Shawn Sokolov def. Joshie P Singles Match
3 Undershock (c) def. Connor Singles Match for the IWA Hardcore Championship
4 Sean Avery def. Jacob Cass via Count Out Singles Match 
5 The Arising (Mahadi KhanMohammad Khan & Matteo) def. Demon Spyke & SWED (Roacher & Francaios) 6 Man Tag Team Match
6 Angel Alexander (c) def. Flamer Career v. Title Match for the IWA Championship
  • 4 - Sean Avery would assault Jacob Cass after the match.
  • 6 - As per stipulation, Flamer's IWA career is over. Angel would then try to attack Flamer after the match until DoggyDog came to the rescue. Doggy would then issue a challenge to The Arising in the form of a Winner Take All 5 on 5 Gauntlet Match at Summerslam. Brett would accept on behalf of The Arising despite Angel not wanting to.