Anarchy S02
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Promotion Insane Wrestling Alliance
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Date 16 May 2017
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Last Event IWA Chaos Theory
Next Event IWA Money In The Bank S02

Extreme Rules Match for the IWA Championship
Angel Alexander (c) vs Demon Spyke

Demon Extreme vs. Joshie P

Anarchy Rules Match for the IWA Tag Team Championship
The Arising (Brett Storm & Mahadi Khan) (c) vs. SWED (Roacher & Francaios)

IWA Internet Championship
Mart War (c) vs. Max Mercury

Jacob Cass vs. Sean Avery

IWA United Kingdom Championship
Jet Omega Elliot (c) vs. Matteo

Alex Silver vs Jason Silver

IWA European Championship
DoggyDog (c) vs. Mohammad Khan


# Results Stipulations
1 Mohammad Khan def. DoggyDog (c) Singles Match for the IWA European Championship
2 Jason Silver def. Alex Silver Singles Match
3 Matteo def. Jet Omega Elliot (c) Singles Match for the IWA United Kingdom Championship
4 Jacob Cass def. Sean Avery Singles Match
5 Max Mercury def. Mart War (c) Singles Match for the IWA Internet Championship
6 The Arising (Brett Storm & Mahadi Khan) (c) def. SWED (Roacher & Francaios) Anarchy Rules Match for the IWA Tag Team Championship
7 Demon Extreme def. Joshie P Singles Match
8 Angel Alexander (c) def. Demon Spyke Extreme Rules Match for the IWA Championship
  • 1 - Angel Alexander, Brett Storm, & Mahadi Khan accompanied Mahadi's brother Mohammad Khan to his match and after the match Mohammad Khan was revealed as the newest member of the stable.
  • 3 - Matteo turns Heel by attacking Jet Omega Elliot before his match and joins The Arising (Alexander, Storm, Mahadi, & Mohammad).
  • 5 - Zack Thompson attempts to attack Max after the match, but Max is able to fight back
  • 7 - Joshie P attacked Demon Extreme before his match.