Hawk, real name Austin Raybold is a professional Wrestler currently signed to the XWF. He makes up one half of the Birds Of Prey Tag Team. He is known for his heavy hitting style.

XWF's Developmental 2010 - 2011Edit

Hawk spent a couple of years training in The Owners developmental arena with his partner Falcon, they made a name for themselves feuding with the Hardcore Hate Crew.

XWF CareerEdit

The Owner hired both Hawk and Falcon to the XWF prior to the first show. They won the tag gauntlet at the first XWF Pay Per View DEMOLITION to become the first ever Tag Division Champions. They have since been a huge staple of the XWF's tag division.

Finishing and Signature MovesEdit

Finishing Move(s)

  • Twisting Descent

Signatures Move(s)

  • Hawk Clothesline
  • Jumping Knee

XWF Title HistoryEdit

1 x XWF Tag Division Champion (with Falcon as Birds Of Prey)

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