Gold Stallion in YWE

Gold Stallion is a wrestler from the world of CAW. He is currently signed to YWE.

YWE (2012-present)Edit

Feud with Johnny B Rockin' & Undefeated StreakEdit

At Survivor Series 2012, Gold Stallion would debut and would defeat Johnny B. Rockin. At the Royal Rumble, he would enter No.2 but would be eliminated by Nightmare Kid. After that he would start a Feud with Johnny B. Rockin when he was attacked backstage at Elimination Chamber. At Wrestlemania 4, he would defeat Jonnny B. Rockin, after the match he would be attacked by J.B. before being saved by the new YWE Commisioner Tornado. At Extreme Rules, he would continue his winning streak when he defeated Yung Kash. After the match, Yung Kash would turn Heel and did a low blow on him. At Money in the Bank, Gold Stallion would compete in the Raw MITB Match but would lose to Dark Shark. At Vengeance, he was defeated by Justin James.

Lower Tier StatusEdit

At the Royal Rumble, Gold Stallion would enter the Royal Rumble Match at No.30. Before he could enter the match he would be attacked by Blue Star due to Stallion entering with Mr. Black's titantron, then Stallion would be eliminated by Antho. Gold Stallion is set to compete in a 6 Man Interpromotional Battle Royal between Past & Present YWE wrestlers. At Wrestlemania 5, Gold Stallion would win the 6 Man Interpromotional Battle Royal by last eliminating Johnny B. Rockin. At Extreme Rules, Gold Stallion would finally lose to Johnny B. Rockin after 2 Years since his match against Johnny. At Money In The Bank, Gold Stallion would lose a Singles Match to new YWE Superstar Cipher.

Return & Teaming with Mr. Amazing Edit

Gold Stallion would make his return after Wrestlemania 6 looking more muscular and a more developed wrestler. At Payback, Gold Stallion would receive an Intercontinental Championship Match against Dynamite, which he was unsuccessful. At Elimination Chamber, Gold Stallion would defeat Tristan Knight. At Summerslam, Gold Stallion & Mr. Amazing would team up to lose to SWED in an interbrand match. At No Mercy him and Mr. Amazing will defeat Aaron White and DJ Hero.

EWE (2014-present) Edit

Gold Stallion would make his EWE debut at Extream Rules against Thunder and lost. He is set to face Double T at TLC.