Homecoming II
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Promotion Global Youtube Wrestling
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Last Event GYW Roadblock
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Triple Threat Match for the GYW World Championship
Mart War (c) vs. Rocki vs. Sean Avery

Three Stages of Hell Match
Mario Sanchez vs. AJ Reyes

Hell In A Cell Match
Arrow vs. DoggyDog

Career vs. Title Match for the GYW Global Championship
Brett Storm (c) vs. Brendan X

The Undertaker vs. Max Mercury

Jacob Cass vs. Herosta

Braden Williams vs. Prince Jr.

GYW United States Championship
Angel Alexander (c) vs. Jet Omega Elliot

I Quit Match
Silvio vs. MJ Stylez

Triangle Ladder Match for the GYW Tag Team Championship
The Wolfpac (Johnny Ellis & Demon Spyke) (c) vs. SWED (Roacher & Francaios) vs. Hounds of Havoc (Matteo & Mahadi Khan)

Eddie Guerrero Memorial Battle Royal
Vixx vs. Joshie P vs. Casablanca vs. Manny Lopez vs. Zack Thompson vs. Jake Navor/Devin Sanchez

Battle Royal Qualifier
Jake Navor vs. Devin Sanchez


# Results Stipulations
1 Jake Navor def. Devin Sanchez Battle Royal Qualifier Match
2 Casablanca def. Jake Navor, Zack Thompson, VixxJoshie P & Manny Lopez Eddie Guerrero Memorial Battle Royal
3 SWED (Roacher & Francaios) def. The Wolfpac (Johnny Ellis & Demon Spyke) (c) & The Hounds of Havoc (Mahadi Khan & Matteo) Triangle Ladder Match for the GYW Tag Team Championships
4 MJ Stylez def. Silvio I Quit Match
5 Angel Alexander (c) def. Jet Omega Elliot Singles Match for the GYW United States Championship
6 Braden Williams def. Prince Jr. Singles Match
7 Herosta def. Jacob Cass Singles Match
8 The Undertaker def. Max Mercury Singles Match
9 Brendan X def. Brett Storm (c) Career v. Title Ladder Match for the GYW Global Championship
10 DoggyDog def. Arrow Hell In A Cell Match
11 AJ Reyes def. Mario Sanchez Three Stages of Hell Match
12 Rocki def. Mart War (c) & Sean Avery Triple Threat Match for the GYW World Championship
  • 6 - After the match, Prince Jr would offer a handshake to Williams only to low blow him right after.
  • 9 - K2K would make his debut to save Brendan X after Mahadi Khan & Matteo decided to interfere to screw over Brendan X.
  • 11 - AJ Reyes would shake hands with Mario after the match, turning Face.
  • 12 - Mr. Carter would come out to support Mart War & Rocki and to screw over Sean Avery. Devin Sanchez would interfere on behalf of the Corporate Rebellion only to be stopped by now former member AJ Reyes. Afterwards a masked man would attack Sean Avery after the match.

Miscellanous FactsEdit

  • Max Mercury would confront Rocki about his allegiance to the Corporate Rebellion with Rocki confirming his loyalty to the stable, but he would walk away after Max told Rocki that Mart would walk out as champion.
  • Max Mercury & Zack Thompson would attack Johnny Ellis backstage.
  • Mart War would walk up to Herosta about a spot for him in the Corporate Rebellion and told Herosta to think about it.
  • Brett Storm would attack Brendan X after their title match backstage and announced his rematch clause at the 100 Subs Special show.