GYW (Global Youtube Wrestling) was a CAW Promotion started up by Demon Spyke in early 2016 with their first shows centered on crowning the first ever GYW World Champion. GYW is currently in its second season with their very first CPV being GYW Homecoming. The company is run by the GYW Commissioner, Mr. Carter.

Main RosterEdit


  • GYW World Champion - Doggydog
  • GYW Global Champion - Brendan X
  • GYW United States Champion - Mart War
  • GYW Hardcore Champion - Zack Thompson
  • GYW Tag Team Champions - SWED (Roacher and Francaios)


Tag Teams/Stables:Edit

  • Corporate Rebellion (Mr. Carter, Mart War, Devin Sanchez, Max Mercury, Prince Jr, & Zack Thompson)
  • Hounds of Havoc (Brett Storm, Matteo, & Mahadi Khan)
  • SWED (Roacher & Francaios)
  • Team Ea$y (CJ & Holly Hood)
  • Caucasian Asians (Vandy Phoeuk & Darien Dupes)
  • The Wolfpac (Demon Spyke, Johnny Ellis, Sean Avery)


Season 1:Edit

  • GYW World Championship Tournament
  • GYW Homecoming
  • GYW Night of Stipulations
  • GYW No Limits
  • GYW Money In The Bank
  • GYW Next Gen: Arrival
  • GYW Vengeance
  • GYW Madison Square Garden
  • GYW Summerslam
  • GYW One Night Only
  • GYW United States Championship Tournament
  • GYW Before Hardcore Warfare
  • GYW Hardcore Warfare

Season 2:Edit