Caesar Dan as World champ

Caesar Dan the former champion.

The ELW World Heavyweight Championship is one of seven current championships in the ELW. It is recognized as the most prestigious championship in whole of the company alongside the ELW Championship. The current champion is DJ Hero.


As of The Bash click-per-view the belt formely know as the WCW World Championship were given a redesign and name along other titles.

Title HistoryEdit

Since the ELW started, there have been numerous World Championship reigns, they are listed below in chronological order:

# Wrestler Reign Event Note
1 Lula 1
2 Tar 1
3 Jason Cage 1
4 Zie Chang 1
5 "The Wolf" Kid Wild 1
6 Bison 1
7 The Icon 1
8 Alex 1
9 The Icon 2
10 Angus 1
11 Prohibited 1
12 The Icon 3
13 Alex 2
14 The Icon 4
15 Caesar Dan 1
16 DJ Hero 1 Money In the Bank 2013 This was for DJ's MITB Contract
17 Lula 2 ELW Reject It also involved Caesar Dan & Nitro

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