The ECW World Championship is the second most prestigious championship in DWF (DoggyDog's Wrestling Federation). Vixx became the first ever champion at DWF Extreme Rules S01 when he won a 6 Man Battle Royal. Seven men have held the ECW World Championship over the course of Three seasons. K2K has the longest reign at 11 months. Straight Code Star has the shortest reign at 0 Days. The current champion is Rocky'N, who is in his first reign as champion.

Title PrestigeEdit

During Season 1, the ECW Championship was more of a mid-card title as it hung around the middle of most CPVs and had no real storylines for each title match besides being an Extreme Rules Match. It wasn't until Johnny Extreme became ECW Champion that he introduced the idea of the ECW Championship Open Challenge, in which any DWF superstar (sometimes a guest AWC superstar) could challenge the ECW Champion for the title. This open challenge has stuck around all the way to the present season. 

Season 2 saw a major shift in the way the ECW Championship was presented. The season started with Jake Navor being crowned champion after defeating Johnny Extreme in the ECW Championship Open Challenge. During his title reign, Navor would defend his title against higher names in the DWF Roster, such as DoggyDog & former champion Johnny Extreme. Following a short stint with Maxakrer as ECW Champion, Kevin 2 Kenneth (K2K for short) would win the ECW Championship at Summerslam S02. Over time, K2K would become a major player in the DWF system by slowing rising among the ranks and defending against higher levels of talent everytime he defended the title: from lower card guys (Maxakrer), to the mid-card (AJ Reyes & Brett Storm), to main event talent (DoggyDog, Silvio & Arrow). 

At the beginning of Season 3, it was announced that the DWF Roster would be split into two brands: RAW & War Zone. The RAW Brand would have the DWF World Heavyweight Championship while the new War Zone Brand would be headlined by the ECW Championship. On the first War Show following WrestleMania 2, War Zone General Manager DoggyDog would present current champion K2K with a new title belt and announcing that the ECW Championship would be recognized from this point onward as a World Championship. DoggyDog also announced that K2K and all previous ECW champions would be given the distinction of being a World Champion under the ECW Title Lineage.

Title HistoryEdit

# Wrestler Reign Date Event Days Held Defenses
1 Vixx 1 Oct. 15. 2015 Extreme Rules S01 47 1
2 Straight Code Star 1 Dec. 01 2015 Money In The Bank S01 0 0
3 Amazing Troy 1 Dec. 01. 2015 Money In The Bank S01 58 3
4 Johnny Extreme 1 Jan. 28. 2016 Hell In A Cell S01 147 6
5 Jake Navor 1 Jun. 23. 2016 RAW After WrestleMania 2 66 3
6 Maxakrer 1 Aug. 28. 2016 Money In The Bank S02 23 0
7 K2K 1 Sep. 20. 2016 Summerslam S02 211 10
8 'Broken' Arrow 1 Apr. 19. 2017 Money In The Bank S03 102 1
9 Rocky'N 1 Jul. 30. 2017 Summerslam S03 343 5
10 Roacher 1 Jul. 08. 2018 Wrestlemania 3 2+ 0+