ECCW Intercontinental Championship: Alex Shelley (c) vs Jake Navor

Hounds of Havoc (Brett Storm & Matteo) vs Tech

ECCW Tag Team Championship: DIY (Tomasso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) (c) vs Strong Stunts (Roderick Strong & Curtis Stunt)

Bully Ray vs Will Ospreay

ECCW Cruiserweight Championship: Angel Alexander (c) vs Ricochet vs Chris Danger

ECCW Heavyweight Championship: PJ Skillz (c) vs Triple H vs Mahadi Khan

Royal Rumble Match

Results Edit

# Results Stipulation
1 Alex Shelley (c) def. Jake Navor Singles Match for the ECCW Intercontinental Championship
2 Hounds of Havoc (Brett Storm & Matteo) def. Tech Handicap Match
3 DIY (Tomasso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) (c) def. Strong Stunts (Roderick Strong & Curtis Stunt) Tag Team Match for the ECCW Tag Team Championship
4 Bully Ray def. Will Ospreay Hardcore Match
5 Ricochet def. Angel Alexander (c) and Chris Danger Triple Threat Match for the ECCW Cruiserweight Championship
6 Mahadi Khan def. Triple H & PJ Skillz (c) Triple Threat Match for the ECCW Heavyweight Championship
7 Mario Sanchez won last eliminating Vandy Phoeuk Royal Rumble Match
  • 1. Alex attacked Navor after the match
  • 4. Bully Ray attacked Ospreay after the match

Royal Rumble Match: Edit

Draw Entry Order Eliminated By
1 Brett Storm 16 TKE
2 Matteo 14 Demon Extreme
3 Tech 4 Brett Storm
4 TJ X 1 Brett Storm
5 Jason Silver 5 Matteo
6 Joe Hendry 2 Jason Silver
7 Mark Coffey 3 Brett Storm
8 Joe Coffey 6 Brett Storm & Matteo
9 Demon Extreme 17 Phenom
10 Angel Alexander 10 Demon Extreme
11 Roderick Strong 7 Brett Storm
12 Curtis Stunt 8 Brett Storm & Matteo
13 Triple H 9 Brett Storm
14 PJ Skillz 11 Demon Extreme
15 Demon Spyke 13 Brett Storm
16 Max Mercury 12 Brett Storm
17 Tank 15 Brett Storm
18 TKE 19 Mario Sanchez
19 Phenom 21 Kenny Taylor
20 Mike House 18 Mario Sanchez
21 Mario Sanchez N/A Winner
22 Joshie P 25 Mario Sanchez & Alex Shelley
23 Kenny Taylor 23 Mario Sanchez
24 Reggie Killer 20 Mario Sanchez & Joshie P
25 Seth Turner 22 Mario Sanchez
26 Alex Shelley 26 Mario Sanchez
27 Alex Silver 24 Mario Sanchez & Undershock
28 Undershock 28 Vandy Phoeuk
29 Zack Thompson 27 Mario Sanchez
30 Vandy Phoeuk 29 Mario Sanchez

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