Domination trains new upcoming CAW superstars and get them into the best of shape.Domination lets any Superstar from a show and let them train them themselves. He got many werestler train for other country and for a the big federation like HCW. It is like NXT and currently Rodney,Nathan,Blake are all in ELW.

Superstars that you can recruit  (If it says graduted a company can take that superstar/Ask dominatex13 for the formula)Edit

  • Cosmic (Graduted)
  • Green Madrun
  • Rodney Bronk (graduted planning to go to ELW or any other show)
  • Nathan Withers (Graduted is recruited from ELW/YCW/YUW)
  • Blake Thompson (Now in a fed name ELW/HCW)
  • Steve Impact (Graduated planning to go to ELW)
  • Johnny Thunder
  • JC-Maverick
  • Rico J
  • Frenzy (Graduated)
  • Jake Thomas (Graduated)
  • Shane Robinson
  • Lee The Ultimate Tiger
  • Richochet (Graduated)