Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures 2012 logo

Desperate Measures is a pay per view event run by XWF. It was the third pay per view event in season 1, but it is unconfirmed if it will return in season 2.

Desperate Measures 2012 (Season 1)Edit

Desperate Measures 2012 was released on 17/06/12 and featured the following line up.

Desperate measure 2012 main event

Desperate Measures 2012's Main event

Exclusive dark match released one day before the full show

  1.  Havok Vs The Grebbel

Desperate Measures line up 

  1. Jacob Drake (c) vs Titus Valentine (Internet Championship)
  2. Big D Vs Tsunami (c) (No Holds Barred Championship)
  3. Mike Jacobs Vs Tobius Upson (Steel Cage Match)
  4. Dr Khan Vs Damage ("1 on 1, No gimmicks" match)
  5. Knightmare (c) Vs Johnny Kamikazi (World Heavyweight Championship)

Watch Desperate Measure 2012 here -

Dark Match -

Main Show -

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