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Promotion DoggyDog's Wrestling Promotion
Brand(s) WAR
Date 4 June 2017
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Last Event DWF Over The Limit S03
Next Event DWF Summerslam S03

Iron Man Match for the ECW World Championship
Broken Arrow (c) vs. K2K

Vandy vs. Maxakrer vs. Casablanca

DWF Tag Team Championship
Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez) (c) vs. J2 Red (Justin James & Red Dread)

DWF Intercontinental Championship
Roacher (c) vs. Josh Silver


# Results Stipulations
1 Roacher (c) def. Josh Silver Singles Match for the DWF Intercontinental Championship
2 J2 Red (Justin James & Red Dread) def. Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez) (c) Tag Team Match for the DWF Tag Team Championship
3 Vandy def. DoggyDog (c) Singles Match for the DWF Ironman MetalHeavyweight Championship
4 Vandy (c) def. Casablanca & Maxakrer Triple Threat Match for the DWF Ironman MetalHeavyweight Championship
5 Broken Arrow (c) def. K2K  Iron Man Match for the ECW World Championship
  • 1 - Mike House appeared after the match, seemingly as Roacher's next challenger
  • 3 - DoggyDog would come out to announce a new DWF Championship: The DWF Ironman MetalHeavyweight Championship. DoggyDog would then name himself the first champion and Vandy coming out as the first challenger.
  • 4 - After the match, Doggy announced all three would challenge Berseck for the Trios Championship in an Elimination Match and if any of them get pinned or submitted they will be fired on the spot.
  • 5 - Rocky'N would come out with fellow SWED Club member Roacher and announced himself as the next challenger to the ECW World Championship

Miscellanous Facts:Edit

  • AWC World Champion Shawn was supposed to come out and announce his next challenger, but he would then be jumped by Rebellion. Rebellion - Both Mill & Martinez - would announce themselves as the next challengers.

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