Summerslam S03
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Promotion DoggyDog's Wrestling Promotion
Brand(s) RAW & War Zone
Date 30 July, 2017
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Last Event DWF Vengeance
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DWF World Heavyweight Championship
Triple X (c) vs. Mario Sanchez

Extreme Rules Match for the ECW World Championship
Broken Arrow (c) vs. Rocky'N

Triple Threat Elimination Match for the AWC World Championship
Shawn (c) vs. David Mill vs. Dustin Martinez

DWF Intercontinental Championship
Roacher (c) vs. Mike House

Career v. Title Ladder Match for the DWF United States Championship
Brett Storm (c) vs. Max Mercury

Open Challenge for the DWF Tag Team Championship
J2 Red (Justin James & Red Dread) (c) vs. ???

Elimination Match for the DWF Trios Championship
Berseck (Hunter, Blade, & Savior) (c) vs. Vandy, Maxakrer, & Casablanca

Any World Championship No.1 Contenders Match
Angel Alexander vs. Chris Parker vs. Jacob Cass vs. Josh Silver vs. Francaios vs. Chris Zero


# Results Stipulations
1 Francaios def. Josh Silver, Angel AlexanderJacob CassChris Zero & Chris Parker Any World Championship No.1 Contenders 6 Man Battle Royal Match
2 Vandy Phoeuk, Maxakrer & Casablanca def. Berseck (Hunter, Blade & Savior) (c) Elimination Careers v. Title Match for the DWF Trios Championship
3 J2 Red (Justin James & Red Dread) (c) def. The Mega Stars (Aaron Kurt Angus) Tag Team Match for the DWF Tag Team Championship
4 Max Mercury def. Brett Storm (c) Career v. Title Ladder Match for the DWF United States Championship
5 Mike House def. Roacher (c) Singles Match for the DWF Intercontinental Championship
6 Shawn (c) def. David Mill & Dustin Martinez Triple Threat Elimination Match for the AWC World Championship
7 Rocky'N def. Broken Arrow (c) Extreme Rules Match for the ECW World Championship
8 Triple X (c) def. Mario Sanchez Singles Match for the DWF World Heavyweight Championship
  • 1 - The Iron Man MetalHeavyweight Championship would change hands several times both throughout and after the match.
    • Chris Zero def. Chris Parker
    • Jacob Cass def. Chris Zero
    • Josh Silver def. Jacob Cass
    • Angel Alexander def. Josh Silver
    • Chris Parker def. Angel Alexander
    • Sean Avery def. Chris Parker
    • Mr. X def. Sean Avery
  • 5 - After the match, PJ Skillz would come out on the entrance ramp to make himself the next challenger to the DWF Intercontinental Championship.

Miscellanous Facts:Edit

  • At the beginning of the show, Chris Parker would trick Vandy into losing his Iron Man MetalHeavyweight Championship to him by making him say the words "I give up" as a form of a submission victory.
  • Sue would later trick Mr. X into forfeiting the Iron Man MetalHeavyweight Championship to her under a false sexual promise.