DWF World Heavyweight Championship (Last Man Standing Match): Arrow (c) vs. DoggyDog

ECW Championship (Extreme Rules Match): Jake Navor (c) vs. Johnny Extreme

DWF Intercontinental Championship: AJ Reyes (c) vs. K2K vs. Mr. X

PJ Skillz vs. Rocky N'

DWF Tag Team Championship: Best Warriors (Mart War & Kevin) (c) vs. Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez)

DWF United States Championship: Mike House (c) vs. Straight Code Star

DWF Trios Championship: Jacob Cass, Demon Spyke, & Brett Storm vs. DJ Hero, Generic, & Casablanca


# Results Stipulations
1 Jacob Cass, Demon Spyke, & Brett Storm def. DJ Hero, Generic, & Casablanca 6 Man Tag Team Match for the DWF Trios Championship
2 Straight Code Star def. Mike House (c)  Singles Match for the DWF United States Championship
3 Best Warriors (Mart War & Kevin) (c) def. Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez) Tag Team Match for the DWF Tag Team Championship
4 PJ Skillz def. Rocky N' Singles Match
5 AJ Reyes (c) def. K2K & Mr. X Triple Threat Match for the DWF Intercontinental Championship
6 Jake Navor (c) def. Johnny Extreme Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship
7 Arrow (c) def. DoggyDog Last Man Standing Match for the DWF World Heavyweight Championship
  • 3 - After the match, SWED would turn Heel and would attack the Best Warriors
  • 4 - During the match, Rocky N' would accidently collide with the ref causing a new DWF superstar, AWC Original Zero, to make his debut by aligning with PJ Skillz when he tossed a steel chair to PJ for PJ to hit Rocky N' with. Then Zero would perform a tag team combination move on Rocky N' allowing PJ Skillz to gain the victory.
  • 7 - During the match, Mario Sanchez & Silvio would appear trying to cost either Arrow or DoggyDog the title match. After Arrow had won, a mysterious man covered in all black attire (mask included) layed out Arrow in the middle of the ring.