DWF World Heavyweight Championship (Hardcore Match): Silvio (c) vs. Shadow

Winner Gets MITB Briefcase Ladder Match: DoggyDog (h) vs. AJ Reyes

DWF Intercontinental Championship (6 Man Battle Royal): Lula (c) vs. Rogan vs. Carlettinho vs. Antho vs. Triple X vs. Adrian Destiny

DWF United States Championship: Phenom (c) vs. Mike House

DWF Tag Team Championship (Tornado Tag Team Match): SWED (Roacher & Francaios) (c) vs. Arrow & Vixx

ECW Championship: Amazing Troy (c) vs. Straight Code Star vs. Johnny Extreme

No.1 Contenders Match (DWF World Heavyweight Championship): Mario Sanchez vs. Angel

Best Warriors (Kevin & Mart War) vs. MXG (Miltos X & Gon)


# Results Stipulations
K Best Warriors (Kevin & Mart War) def. MXG (Miltos X & Gon) Tag Team Match
1 Mario Sanchez def. Angel No.1 Contenders Match
2 Amazing Troy (c) def. Johnny Extreme & Straight Code Star Triple Threat Match for the ECW Championship
3 SWED (Roacher & Francaios) (c) def. Arrow & Vixx Tag Team Match for the DWF Tag Team Championship
4 Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez) def. SWED (Roacher & Francaios) (c) Tag Team Match for the DWF Tag Team Championship
5 Mike House def. Phenom (c) Singles Match for the DWF United States Championship
6 Triple X def. Lula (c), Adrian DestinyAntho, Carlettinho, & Rogan 6 Man Battle Royal for the DWF Intercontinental Championship
7 DoggyDog (h) def. AJ Reyes Winner Gets MITB Briefcase Ladder Match
8 Silvio (c) def. Shadow Hardcore Match for the DWF World Heavyweight Championship

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