The DWF Iron Man MetalHeavyweight Championship is one of the current seven active championships in DWF (DoggyDog's Wrestling Federation). This championship was created in the Season 3 CPV Vengeance, a War Zone exclusive, when War Zone General Manager DoggyDog crowned himself the first champion. Vandy Phoeuk has the longest reign as champion at one month. Sue is the current champion in her first reign.

Title HistoryEdit

# Wrestler Reign Event Defenses Notes
1 DoggyDog 1 Vengeance S03 0 He crowned himself champion
2 Vandy Phoeuk 1 Vengeance S03 1
3 Chris Parker 1 Summerslam S03 0 Vandy "forfeited" the title
4 Chris Zero 1 Summerslam S03 0
5 Jacob Cass 1 Summerslam S03 0
6 Josh Silver 1 Summerslam S03 0
7 Angel Alexander 1 Summerslam S03 0
8 Chris Parker 2 Summerslam S03 0
9 Sean Avery 1 Summerslam S03 0
10 Mr. X 1 Summerslam S03 0
11 Sue 1 Summerslam S03 - Mr. X forfeited the title

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