Chris Zero

Christopher Moore (From Cameron, North Carolina) is an American professional "Caw Wrestler", currently signed to AWC under the name ring Chris Zero and other caw promotions DWF(Exclusive). He is a part of the stable "Zero-1" with PJ/Air Styles.

AWC (2013-present) Edit

DWF (2016-present) Edit

In Wrestling  Edit

  • Finishing moves
    • Corkscrew Shooting Star Press.
    • Diving Headbutt.
    • GTS.
    • Running Single Leg High Knee.
  • Signature Moves
    • Backbreaker.
    • Front Missile Drop.
    • Shining Wizard.
    • German Suplex.
    • Snap Underhook.
    • Running Leg Lariat.
    • Hurricanrana.
    • Bridging Dragon Suplex.
    • Belly to Belly.
    • Dragon Suplex.
    • Repeated Shoot.
  • Entrance themes
    • Abandon All Ships - Loafting.

Championships and Accomplishments  Edit

Alliance Wrestling Caw:

Doggy Wrestling Federation:

CAW Wrestling Observer:

  • 5 Star Match (2016) - AWC Money In The Bank: Rocky'N (c) vs. Chris Zero vs. PJ Skillz

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