Casey walker

Casey Walker is a wrestler from the world of CAW created by Hotrodjman Official. He is (as of now) currently signed to RCF (Renegade CaW Federation), ADW, CWF, FCW (Fearless CaW Wrestling) & MLG (Maple Leaf Grappling)

RCF (2017 - Present) Edit

RCF Chamber Competitor Edit

Casey Walker would make a surprise debut at RCF Elimination Chamber in the second chamber match for the RCF Championship. Casey Walker would manage to be one of the last three in the chamber, only to unfortunately fall short to Darien Dupes.

MLG (2017 - Present) Edit

Tournament Competitor Edit

For the first ever show of Maple Leaf Grappling, it was announced that 12 competitors would fight to crown the first ever MLG Champion, Casey would end up being in the first match against one Darien Dupes, which unfortunately, he fell short to a Devil's Consent.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • WCCW World Heavyweight Champion - 2x (Current)

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