CJ Phoenix

CJ Phoenix in OCW

CJ Phoenix is an original CAW, who is currently singed to the CAW promotions OWF (Online Wrestling Federation) and ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling). He is a former OCW Superstar.

OCW (2012)Edit

CJ Phoenix debuted on OCW Summerslam in a Scramble match for the Intercontinental Championship but failed to win the title. Phoenix was fired later that day.

OWF (2013-present)Edit

CJ Phoenix signed a contract with OWF (Online Wrestling Federation) after OCW's demise.

ELW (2012-present)Edit

CJ Phoenix made his ELW debut at Extreme Rules in a Steel Cage against British Hero in a winning effort. At Danger Zone #1, Phoenix fought against Curtis in a Extreme Rules match and won but after the match Igniter made his debut on ELW and attack him and satrting a rivalry. Phoenix later face Igniter at The Bash and Ignoter got himself disqulified by hitting Cj with a chair

CJ Phoenix at Summerslam

CJ Phoenix at Summerlsam.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit

Phoenix has not won a championship yet.