Brett Storm

Brett Storm is a wrestler in the world of CAW. He is signed with YXW (YouTube Xtreme Wrestling), IWA (Insane Wrestling Alliance), DWF (DoggyDog's Wrestling Federation), XWP (Xtreme Wrestling Promotion), JPW (Joshie P Wrestling), ECCW (Extreme CAW Championship Wrestling), Total Impact, EEW (Elite Empire Wrestling) & YWE (YouTube Wrestling Entertainment). Brett Storm used to be in EWE (Extreme Wrestling Entertainment). Brett Storm also made a one off appearance at NHBW (No Holds Barred Wrestling). Brett Storm is also a 10x World Champion (2x in YXW, 3x in XWP, 1x in IWA, 2x in ENA, 1x in CXW & 1x in PCW). Brett Storm is also brothers with fellow CAW wrestler and X Bullet Club member Kenny Taylor. He is also the real life brother of fellow CAW Wrestler Curtis Stunt

YXW (2015-present) Edit

Season 1: Tag-Team Champion & Heel Turn Edit

Brett Storm debuted at YXW Wrestlemania (as Brett Zachary) with his tag team partner Dice. They would win the titles easily. At Extreme Rules they would face The Uso's. They would retain the title by count out. At unforgiven they would face TBI but mr.Morals made it a six man tag team battle royal for the tag team championship. They would lose to the Switchblade Conspiracy. At YXW Versus they would team with AJ Reyes and lose to Erick Rowan and The Ascension in a 6 man elimination tag match. Brett and Dice would regain the Tag titles at YXW Money in the Bank. Brett Zachary would turn heel attacking his partner Dice after Dice beat Straight Code Star. Brett (Now named Brett Storm) lost the tag team titles in a tag team gauntlet to Team Bring It (Arrow and DoggyDog). Brett would then beat his former partner in a match after the gauntlet which is his first singles CPV match and win in YXW. At YXW Night of Champions Storm Def. Dice in a last man standing match.

Season 2: Feud with X Bullet Club & Face Turn; YTW ChampionEdit

After missing out on 2 CPVs, Brett Storm would enter the Royal Rumble at number 18 and would eliminate Tyler Kash before being eliminated by Triple X. At St. Valentines Massacre, Brett Storm would compete in a 6 Man Battle Royal to determine the next No.1 Contender to a specific title. However Brett Storm would lose to Max Mercury, a new YXW superstar who would form a villainous stable along with other newcomers Seth Turner & Zack Thompson known as the X Bullet Club. After the event, Brett Storm would express his distaste for the X Bullet Club after they attacked YTW Champion DoggyDog, turning Face. Afterwards, Brett Storm would feud with X Bullet Club's Zack Thompson who insulted and attacked Brett Storm during his match with Adam Neal. Storm would enlist help from the Bro Code's Lula & Ginji (who decided to help Storm after the X Bullet Club injured Kid Wild) to challenge three members of the X Bullet Club (Thompson & two new members, Reggie Killer & Kenny Taylor) to a 6 Man Tag Match at WrestleMania 2. A stipulation was added that who ever gets pinned must leave RAW. In the match Brett Storm would not get pinned so he stays on Raw, however Lula was pinned and is forced to leave Raw. Later on in the night, Brett Storm attacked Max Mercury in his match against DoggyDog for the YTW Championship, causing it to end in a no contest. On YXW Superstars, Brett Storm would reunite with Dice to take on X Bullet Club's Zack Thompson & Seth Turner in a Tag Team Match, to a losing effort. After the match, X Bullet Club Leader Max Mercury would come out to join a beat down on Brett Storm. It was then announced that both Brett Storm & Max Mercury would challenge YTW Champion DoggyDog in a Triple Threat Match for the YTW title at Extreme Rules in the Main Event. At Extreme Rules S2, The YTW Championship match would end in No Contest due to each competitor getting knocked out and unable to continue. After the match, it was announced that Brett Storm would be a part of the Aztec Warfare Match for the YTW Championship.

At Summerslam, Brett Storm would enter the Aztec Warfare Match at No.16 where he immediatly went after his mortal rival Max Mercury. Brett Storm would manage to eliminate AJ Reyes, Straight Code Star, & his brother Kenny Taylor before making it to the Final Two against Max Mercury. Brett Storm would take on Max Mercury for a couple of minutes where a couple of YXW superstars (Dice, Sean Avery, Demon Spyke, & Kevin Jones) would hold off the rest of the X Bullet Club. In the end, Brett Storm would pin Max Mercury to become the new YTW Champion. At Feast or Fire, Brett Storm would retain his YTW Championship against DoggyDog in a rematch. After the match, Max Mercury would rush to the ring where he attacked Brett Storm and decided to cash in his Feast or Fire Briefcase for the YTW title. After a hard fought bout, however, Brett Storm would succemb to the leader of the X Bullet Club and would up losing the YTW Title to Max Mercury after holding the title for one month. At Survivor Series, Brett Storm would defeat Max Mercury in a No Holds Barred Rematch to become YTW Champion for the second time in his career. However after the match, Brett Storm would be attacked by members of the X Bullet Club (Seth Turner, Zack Thompson, & Kenny Taylor) before being saved by Sean Avery & a debuting Angel Alexander. To make matters worse, Max Mercury decided to invoke his rematch clause immediatly and defeated a prone Brett Storm to become the new YTW Champion. 

Season 3: United States Champion and 1st Triple Crown WinnerEdit

At the Royal Rumble, Brett Storm teamed with Sean Avery and Johnny Extreme to defeat Max Mercury, Zack Thompson and Kenny Taylor of X Bullet Club. Later on, Brett would enter the Royal Rumble at Number 19 and surprisingly wouldn't eliminate anybody before he got eliminated by the eventual winner Mart War. After the Royal Rumble, Brett Storm would announce that his rematch with Max will take place at Road to Gold inside Hell In A Cell, in order to prevent any XBC member from interfering. On the RAW before Road to Gold, it was announced that if any XBC member interferes in the match then Max will be striped of the YTW Championship. At Road to Gold, Brett Storm would lose to Max Mercury in a Hell In A Cell Match after being hit with a seventh Meltzer Buster. After the match, Brett Storm would be beaten down by Max Mercury, Zack Thompson, & Kenny Taylor. At YXW WrestleMania 3, Brett Storm faced Zack Thompson, MD Shockz and Tyson Victor in a fatal 4 way match for the YXW United States Championship however he would be pinned by Zack Thompson. At Extreme Rules, Brett would win the YXW United States Title after beating Zack Thompson in a Last Man Standing match. This win makes Brett Storm the first YXW Triple Crown Winner. He is set to face Zack Thompson for the US Championship at Money in the Bank. At Money in the Bank, Brett would retain the United States Championship against Zack Thompson. At Summerslam, Brett will face Zack again and if Zack loses, he's out of XBC. At Summerslam, Brett would defeat Zack Thompson, thus forcing Zack out of the XBC. He would then get into a brawl with YXW's newest superstar Herosta. At Hell in a Cell, Brett will defend his United States Championship against Tony Wolf. At Hell in a Cell, Brett Storm would save Shingo Chimera from an attack from Herosta before beating Tony Wolf retaining his United States Championship. After beating Wolf, Brett would be attacked by Herosta.

Season 4: Feud with Herosta Edit

At YXW first CPV of S4, Redemption, Brett Storm will defend the United States Championship against Herosta.

EWE (2015-2016; 2017-present) Edit

Season 3 & Season 4: Debut & NXT Champion; Departure & ReturnEdit

Brett Storm debuted at EWE Night of Champions in a battle royal for EWE's NXT Championship against Gabriel Cass, Kevin, Kenneth, Triple X and Generic. He would be eliminated second in the battle royal. At Hell in a Cell he faced Gabriel Cass in a "rookie vs rookie" match which he lost. Now at TLC, he teams with Gabriel Cass to face Jay Samoa and Straight Code Star. At TLC, Brett Storm would team up with Gabriel Cass to take on the EWE Tag Team Champions Jay Samoa & Straight Code Star in a losing effort. Storm then entered the Royal Rumble but would not win. At WrestleMania 3, Brett Storm would finally taste championship gold when he defeated Triple X to become the new NXT Champion. However the day after WrestleMania 3, Brett Storm would be released from his EWE contract and the NXT Championship would be deactivated. One year following EWE's shutdown, EWE would come back once again this time having rehired Brett Storm and bringing back the NXT Championship with Brett Storm as champion. At Extreme Rules, Brett Storm would defeat Amazing Troy by DQ to retain his NXT Title. At No Way Out, Brett would once again defeat Troy to retain the NXT Title. After the match however, he would be attacked by Troy with a pipe and would be stretchered out. At Summerslam, Brett would defend his NXT Title against Amazing Troy one more time which Brett would win in seconds after one single Spear.

Total Impact (2016-present) Edit

Intercontinental Champion, Teaming with Drake Spyke Edit

On the first episode of Total Impact Brett Storm defeated Antho and Jacob Cass in a triple threat, the second show, he defeated CJ. On the third episode he was given the Intercontinental Championship which he would successfully defend it against Jake Navor at Extreme Rules. He would then start an alliance with Drake Spyke after Spyke saved him from an attack from Jake Navor. At Payback Brett Storm faces Jake Navor once more for his Intercontinental Championship. At Payback, Brett Storm retained his Intercontinental Title against Navor after getting his hand on the rope and hitting his finisher for the win. Total Impact soon ended leaving Brett Storm being the only IC Champion in Total Impact's history.

Return to Total Impact & Face Turn Edit

On the 4th of April, Total Impact was announced to return with Brett Storm still being in it. On the first episode since Total Impact restarted, it was announced that all the titles would be vacant, making Brett Storm no longer Intercontinental Champion. On Episode 2 of the revamped Total Impact, Storm and Jake Navor agreed to one last match. That match will take place at the Revolution CPV. At Revolution, Brett would battle Navor to a draw when both men couldn't answer the referee's ten count. After the match, his former partner Demon (formerly Drake) Spyke would attack Navor and stare him down before Spyke backed off. On the Total Impact after Revolution, Brett Storm would have a chance to regain the Title that he never lost. He would face DoggyDog however the match would end in a No Contest after Demon Spyke interfered. After Drew Punks saved DoggyDog, it was announced that a Fatal 4 Way for the Total Impact Intercontinental Championship will happen. That match will take place the Unstoppable CPV. At Unstoppable, Brett would regain his IC Title pinning Drew Punks in the Fatal 4 Way. At Kova, Brett Storm will defend his Intercontinental Championship. However at this time it is not known who will face Brett for the IC Title. At Kova, Brett Storm will defend his IC Title against either DoggyDog or Drew Punks.

DWF (2016-present) Edit

Season 2: Trios Champion & United States ChampionEdit

Brett Storm would make his debut along side Demon Spyke & Jacob Cass at Payback in a match to determine the first ever DWF Trios Champion. At Payback, Brett Storm, Demon Spyke, & Jacob Cass would defeat DJ Hero, Casablanca and Generic to win the DWF Trios Championship. At No Way Out, the team of Storm, Spyke, & Cass would make their first defense against the trio of Phenom, ED Master, & Vixx and they would prevail in their efforts to retain the titles. At Extreme Rules, the team of Storm, Spyke, & Cass would retain the titles against their toughest foes yet, the Bro Code (Lula, Ginji, & Kid Wild). Then at Money in the Bank, the three would lose the Trios Championship to Vixx, Mr. X and Mario Sanchez (collectively known as The Sex-Mex Alliance). Later in the night, Storm, along with Jacob Cass and Demon Spyke would interrupt DWF IC Champion DoggyDog, making their intentions clear that they are after the IC Title. At DWF Summerslam DoggyDog would pin Brett Storm in a fatal 4 way match. At Dishonor, Brett Storm would compete in a 6 man battle royal to decide the number 1 contender for then champion DoggyDog's Intercontinental Title but would lose. After missing out on Hell in a Cell, Brett Storm would answer K2K's ECW open challenge at Survivor Series and despite a big fight from Storm, K2K retained his title.

Brett Storm would enter the Royal Rumble at number 14 but would get eliminated by Rocky'N. At Elimination Chamber Storm, Spyke and Cass would face The Golden Path for the Trios Title but Storm would end up getting pinned by his big rival from pretty much every promotion there in ever, Max Mercury. At WrestleMania 2, Storm would win a number 1 contenders battle royal which gave him a chance for any midcard title (IC, US, Tag Team or Trios). Brett would then beat Mart War later in the night to win his first United States Championship of his entire CAW Career.

Season 3: US Title Reign; Move to Raw Edit

On the Raw after Mania 2, US Champion Brett Storm teamed with the IC Champion Roacher and took on the Tag Team Champions Sex-Mex (Mario Sanchez & Vixx) in a losing effort. Brett Storm would then be drafted to Raw as the second Overall pick for Raw. At Payback, Brett Storm would retain the US Title against Mart War & Kevin in a triple threat match. At Money in the Bank, Brett Storm will compete in the Raw MITB Match. Brett would lose the MITB Match after being superplexed off the top of a ladder through the announce table by Max Mercury. After the show, it would be announced that Brett Storm would defend the United States Championship against Max Mercury at the Over The Limit CPV. At Over the Limit, Brett would retain his Title against Max Mercury. After the match, Max would challenge him to a rematch at Summerslam where if Max loses he would leave DWF. At Summerslam, Brett Storm would lose his US Championship to Max Mercury in a Ladder Match. A rematch has been scheduled as the main event for the next Raw exclusive CPV, No Way Out. At No Way Out, Brett Storm would lose to Max Mercury in a rematch for the US Title. At Royal Rumble, he would enter at number 11 and would eliminate World Heavyweight Champion Jake Navor before being eliminated himself by Roacher. At Main Event, Brett Storm will face Jake Navor for the World Heavyweight Championship.

XWP (2016-present) Edit

Season 1: World Heavyweight Champion & Feud with X Bullet Club; Departure Edit

Brett Storm started XWP and put himself in a pre-show battle royal for the World Heavyweight Championship which he would win to become champion. He would face DJ Hero in the first episode of XWP in a champion vs champion match which he would lose. Later on in the night Lula would win a No.1 Contenders Match to face Brett Storm for the XWP World Heavyweight Championship at Pride CPV. At Pride, Brett Storm retained his title by DQ when Max Mercury attacked him. Brett Storm would be drafted to Smackdown as part of the Brand Split. On the first Smackdown after the Brand Split, Storm would face Kenny Taylor in the longest match in XWP so far which he would win by DQ however Kenny continued the assault but Matteo saved Storm by hitting Kenny with a Superkick. At Outlaw, Brett Storm would lose his World Heavyweight Championship to Lula in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Brett's nemesis Max Mercury. Since Matteo defeated Lula on Smackdown to become the new XWP World Champion, Brett Storm decided to enter the MITB Ladder Match at Unbreakable for another chance to fight for the world title he lost. At Unbreakable, Brett Storm would compete in the MITB Ladder Match where his eternal rival Max Mercury ended up winning the match and the briefcase.

Brett Storm XWP Champion

Following Unbreakable, Brett Storm would challenge Mr. MITB Max Mercury to a No Holds Barred Match at Summerslam with the MITB Contract on the Line. Mercury wouldn't agree at first until, Storm added the stipulation that the loser would leave XWP shall they lose in which Mercury would agree to. Before his scheduled match with Max Mercury, the XBC Leader would end up cashing his MITB Briefcase on Matteo to become the new XWP World Heavyweight Champion. Afterwards, Brett Storm would come out saying all that Mercury's actions did was turn the match to a World Title Match with the loser still leaving XWP. At Summerslam, Brett Storm would lose to Max Mercury following an interference by his brother, the new XWP Hardcore Champion & XBC Member Kenny Taylor.  

Morpheus Edit

On the Smackdown after Summerslam, a masked man who coincidently has the same tattoos as Brett Storm attacked Max Mercury. At Psychopath, the masked man attacked Zack Thompson and tried to do the same to Max Mercury but Max would escape, he would announce that he was called Morpheus and his plan was to get Brett Storm back in XWP. At Survivor Series, Morpheus would answer Zack Thompson's open challenge but would disqualify himself after hitting Zack with a chair. On the Smackdown after Survivor Series, Morpheus managed Matteo in his IC Title match against Zack Thompson, however, Matteo was unsuccessful. At Destruction, Morpheus would team with Matteo to win against X Bullet Club's Max Mercury & Zack Thompson. At Royal Rumble, Morpheus attacked Reggie Killer and took his place in the Rumble at Number 27. Morpheus would eliminate Kenny Taylor & Zack Thompson before being distracted by Max Mercury and eliminated by Mahadi Khan. At World's Collide, Morpheus would win the Internet Title by beating Mahadi Khan and Matteo. Morpheus would lose the Internet Title on the SD before WrestleMania against Seth Turner after interference from Max Mercury. At WrestleMania Morpheus would defeat Max Mercury allowing Brett Storm to return.  

Season 2: Heel Turn; Feud with Matteo, X Bullet Club & 3x World Heavyweight Champion Edit

Later on in the night, Brett Storm would attack his supposed friend Matteo turning heel in the process. On the Raw after WrestleMania, Brett Storm explained himself saying that in his mind, he was turned on as Matteo didn't even attempt to bring him back to XWP. Later in the night, Storm represented Smackdown against Raw's United States Champion Curtis Stunt and lost because of a slight distraction from Matteo. On the Smackdown after WrestleMania, Brett Storm would become Number 1 Contender to Matteo's World Title after beating Jacob Cass. He would then narrowly escape being attacked by Matteo after the match. At Betrayal, Brett Storm would lose to Matteo but would attack him after the match, attacking the left leg of Matteo (the leg Brett targeted during the match) with a chair. At NXT Take Over: Frankfurt, Brett Storm would open the show, welcoming people to the show and announced that 3 NXT Titles will have a different design by the end of the show. At Mayhem, Brett would battle Matteo to a draw in a Last Man Standing Match to a draw after Brett speared Matteo through the barricade and both men were unable to answer a count of ten. At Money in the Bank, Brett Storm will face Matteo in a 6 Man Tag Team Match with both men picking partners. It was then announced that it would be Brett Storm teaming with the XWP Tag Team Champions The Silver Brothers to take on Matteo, Jake Navor & Connor for the Tag Team Championships as well with the added stipulation of if Brett and The Silver Brothers win, then Brett will get another World Title Match against Matteo at Summerslam. At Summerslam, Brett Storm would beat Matteo after joining X Bullet Club when Max Mercury helped Storm win. At Bragging Rights, Brett would defeat XWP Champion Mario Sanchez after using a Steel Chair. At Psychopath, Brett would successfully defend his Title against Jackson Montgomery before being attacked by the returning Matteo. At Survivor Series, Brett would retain against Matteo but would be cashed in on by Mahadi Khan losing the World Title in the process. On the Raw after Survivor Series, Brett Storm was announced as Christian Cage's reason for being absent at Nightmares. As Storm attacked Cage before the show. It was then announced that at Royal Rumble, Brett Storm will face Christian Cage for sole ownership of XWP in a Street Fight. At Destruction, Brett will have his rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. At Destruction, Brett would lose in his rematch for the World Title. At Royal Rumble, Brett would defeat Christian Cage, becoming GM of Raw & Smackdown gaining full ownership in the process. Brett would then enter the Royal Rumble at Number 1 where he eliminated 3 Superstars (Undershock, TJ X & Connor) before being eliminated by Matteo. Brett would enter the Rumble again as his alter egos El Connero and Morpheus. He entered at Number 10 as El Connero and was then immediately eliminated by Curtis Stunt. He then entered as Morpheus at Number 38 and eliminated Victor X before being eliminated by Jackson Montgomery. At Take Over: Japan, Brett Storm will face Quincy Demont for Quincy's NHBW Ultraviolent Championship with the stipulation if Brett Storm wins, he joins NHBW full time. At Take Over: Japan, Brett would lose to Quincy. At Unforgiven, Brett and Matteo would battle leaving their match to be thrown out. After the main event. Brett would look to attack Mahadi Khan with a Chair but Matteo would stop him. At WrestleMania 2, Brett Storm would win the XWP World Heavyweight Championship for a record setting 3rd Time defeating Matteo & Mahadi Khan.

Season 3: 3rd World Title Reign & Face Turn Edit

At Betrayal, Brett Storm will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Alieus. Brett Storm would appear on both the Raw & NXT Shows after WrestleMania making different announcements about the respective shows. On the SD after WM2, Brett would retain his Title against Mahadi Khan. At Betrayal, Brett would lose his World Title to Alieus. At Outlaw, Brett Storm would attack Seth Turner and would announce a match between Seth Turner and himself for Pick Your Poison. At Broken Bonds, Brett Storm would get his rematch for the World Title in a Triple Threat match against Alieus & DoggyDog where he would lose being the one pinned. Brett would lose to Seth Turner at Pick Your Poison and shake his hand afterwards, turning Face, thus becoming a Face for the first time since the first XWP WrestleMania. At Money in the Bank, Brett Storm will compete in the Smackdown Money in the Bank Match. At Money in the Bank, Brett Storm would lose the SD MITB Match after Cycloper interfered and Brett was one of the victims of Cycloper. Later in the show, Brett would stand up to Cycloper over what happened earlier in the night and forced Cycloper to defend the Internet Title against Bro Code in a handicap match. At Summerslam, Brett Storm will face off against Cycloper & Mahadi Khan in a Triple Threat Match for the Internet Title. This will be the first time Brett Storm has competed for the Internet Title since he lost it to Seth Turner before WrestleMania 1. At Summerslam, Brett's match for the Internet Championship wouldn't happen as he and Mahadi Khan would be attacked by Cycloper before the match. Later in the night, Brett Storm would announce Cycloper's match at World's Collide. At Royal Bash, Brett Storm will take part in the Royal Bash Tournament.

YWE (2016-present) Edit

NXTournament CompetitorEdit

Following Backlash '14 & Payback '14, it was announced that a 32 Man Tournament, known as the NXTournament, would be held between 32 unknown wrestlers with the winner getting a YWE Contract. Not only was it announced that the Finals of the NXTournament would be held at YWE WrestleMania 6, but the winner also gets a shot at either the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship or the YWE Championship. Of those 32 wrestlers, a relatively unknown Brett Storm would be announced as one of those competitors and is faced George The Beast '13 in the first round of the tournament whom he defeated moving to the second round. In the second round Brett Storm will face Chef Curry whom he would beat. In the quarter finals, he will go against his biggest rival, Max Mercury. In the Quarter Finals, he would lose to Max Mercury.

Move to Raw & Feud with Paul Omega & The UnionEdit

Despite being unsuccessful in the NXTournament, Brett impressed YWE Officials enough to earn a space on the YWE Roster. He would be signed to the Raw Brand as part of the YWE Draft of 2017. At Extreme Rules, Brett Storm will face Paul Omega in his YWE CPV Debut. Brett Storm would defeat Paul Omega at Extreme Rules, but he would be attacked by Omega after the match. At Nitro, Brett will compete against 3 other men (including his rival Paul Omega) in a Fatal 4 Way Match to crown a Number 1 Contender to the United States Championship. At Nitro, Brett would lose to Justin James but was not the one pinned. At Money in the Bank, Brett will compete in the Raw MITB Ladder Match. Also in the match is his rival Paul Omega. At MITB, Brett would lose in the MITB match when his rival Paul Omega punched him off the ladder. At Summerslam, Brett Storm would face Paul Omega with Paul's MITB on the line in a losing effort. After the match, Brett thwarted an attack by Paul, hitting a Spear on Omega. Brett Storm is one of the choices to face US Champion Cipher for the Title at Night of Champions. At Night Of Champions, Brett would be beaten in the votes by DoggyDog. After Doggy's match with Cipher, Brett would save DoggyDog from an attack from The Union's Rogan & Max Mercury. At Hell in a Cell, Brett will team with DoggyDog to face Max Mercury & Rogan but they lost after Thunder come to help Rogan and Max, later he come out to fight against The Union's members along side Doggy and returning Antho.

JPW (2016-present) Edit

European Championship Opportunities & Feud with JPW GM Edit

Brett Storm would make his JPW Debut at Extreme Rules defeating Big John inside a Steel Cage. At Payback, Brett Storm would make it to the Final 3 in a MITB Qualifying Battle Royal before being eliminated by Lula. At Money in the Bank, Storm would lose to Ginger Tom in a European Title Triple Threat however he wasn't pinned. After not being booked for Summerslam, Brett Storm would ruin the match between Chris Danger and James Falcon and vented his frustrations out about not being given fair opportunities for the European Title. The JPW GM would be revealed as Garrett Gunner and said that Brett would be a part of a Battle Royal to determine a Number 1 Contender to the European Title. In the Battle Royal, Brett and Big John were the last two only to be attacked by Ginger Tom. Then it was announced that Storm would be in a gauntlet match for the European Title at Night of Champions. Storm was the first eliminated due to count out. Once again, Storm would lash out, saying he was screwed by JPW and that JPW doesn't want him on top which led Garrett Gunner to announce that at Survivor Series it will be Team Brett vs Team Garrett with the winning team gaining Championship Matches in the future. At Hell in a Cell, the teams would be announced. Brett would announce the team of himself, Lula, Straight Code & AJ Reyes. And at Survivor Series they will face Garrett's team of James Falcon, Revolt, Big John & PJ Skillz in a Gauntlet Match. At Survivor Series, Team Brett would defeat Team Garrett with Brett eliminating Big John and Joel Plant before being eliminated by Aben. At JPW TLC, Brett Storm will face Mohammad Khan in a Ladder Match for the European Championship.

IWA (2016-present)Edit

Season 1: IWA Champion & Heel Turn; Feud with The UndertakerEdit

Brett Storm would make his debut on the first ever show of IWA (Insane Wrestling Alliance) where he awarded the IWA Championship by IWA Owner Mahadi Khan. After being awarded the title, Brett Storm decided that he wanted to defend his IWA Championship in the first match of IWA against Mahadi Khan, which MK accepted. Brett Storm would shockingly turn Heel during the match when he attacked Mahadi Khan with a Steel Pipe after MK kept kicking out at 2. After the match, Brett fully turned Heel when he expressed his dissatisfication for how appealing to the fans and following the rules hadn't gotten him anywhere while others who lie and cheat get all the opportunities. And that from now, every blood, sweat, tears, and victories are for himself only. Brett Storm is set to defend the IWA Title against Mr. X at Extreme Rules after Mr. X became number 1 contender beating Demon Spyke. At Extreme Rules, Brett Storm would retain his IWA Championship against Mr. X and would then to proceed to attack him after the match. As Brett Storm was posing on the top rope, Angel Alexander would come out to attack Brett and superkick him to establish himself as the new No.1 Contender. At Payback, Brett Storm would disqualify himself after beating Angel down with a sledgehammer. At Money in the Bank, Storm would defeat Angel Alexander in a Ladder Match after Max Mercury surprisingly helped Storm out. At Fully Loaded & Summerslam, Brett Storm would successfully defend his championship against Mr. X and Matteo in a triple threat and then just Matteo respectively. At IWA Battleground, Storm is set to defend his IWA Championship against Jet Omega Elliot. At Battleground, Brett Storm retained his IWA Title after an illegal low blow. At Judgement Day, Brett Storm would again retain his IWA Title against Jet Omega Elliot in a No Holds Barred Match taking him to Nutshot City. After the match, Storm would get attacked by Cycloper. At Survivor Series, Brett Storm would first retain against Cycloper & Jet Omega Elliot in a Triple Threat Match until Demon Spyke ran in after the match and cashed in his MITB Briefcase and defeated Brett Storm for the IWA Championship. At Backlash, Brett Storm would be pinned in the IWA Championship Triple Threat match by Joshie P. At Royal Rumble, Brett Storm and Undertaker announced they would face off at WrestleMania. Storm would enter the Royal Rumble at Number 12 and would eliminate 3 Superstars (Flamer, Kev Deisal & Matteo) before being eliminated by Undertaker, Storm would interfere eliminating Undertaker after being eliminated. At Elimination Chamber, Brett Storm would eliminate Shawn Sokolov and Mohammad Khan before being eliminated by Joshie P. After the match, Storm would be attacked by Undertaker. At IWA WrestleMania, Brett would lose to the Undertaker.

Season 2: Double Champion & The Arising Edit

At Ruthless Aggression, Brett Storm would beat Flamer for the Hardcore Championship (Brett's first Hardcore Championship ever). Later in the night, Brett was announced as Mahadi Khan's new Tag Team Partner. They would beat Connor and Undershock in their first match as a team. At Chaos Theory, Brett Storm & Mahadi Khan defeated SWED for the Tag Titles before Brett Storm would defend the Hardcore Championship against Flamer successfully. At the end of the night, Brett & Mahadi would cost Demon Spyke his IWA Title and aligned with Angel Alexander, forming a stable with the new IWA Champion. At Anarchy, Brett Storm teamed with Mahadi Khan to defeat SWED to defend his Tag Team and Hardcore Title. At Money in the Bank, Brett and Mahadi would retain the Tag Team Titles however Brett would lose the Hardcore Title to Undershock after Connor interfered. At Radioactive, Brett Storm would intentionally DQ himself in a match against DoggyDog. After Doggy challenged The Arising to a Winner Takes All 5 on 5 Gauntlet Match, Brett accepted on behalf of the team, despite Angel not wanting to have that match. At Summerslam, Brett Storm would eliminate Max Mercury & Demon Spyke in the 5 on 5 Gauntlet Match before being eliminated himself by DoggyDog. Ultimately though, The Arising would be victorious meaning Brett retained his Tag Team Championship. At IWA InSaNiTy, Brett would successfully defend his Tag Team Title along with Mahadi Khan defeating Demon Spyke & Francaios. On the 1 Year Special, Brett Storm & Mahadi Khan would defeat The Silver Brothers to retain the Tag Titles, officially becoming the longest reigning Tag Champions in IWA. At Survivor Series, Brett Storm (along with all of the other members of The Arising) will face DoggyDog's team (DoggyDog, Arrow, SWED, Max Mercury & a mystery partner). At the IWA 1 Year Special, Brett would try to replicate how he eliminated Max at Summerslam however he was unsuccessful. He would then be eliminated by Max Mercury and the Arising would end up losing the match meaning Brett Storm would lose the Tag Team Title.

ECCW (2016-present) Edit

Season 0 & 1: Feud with Raven's Flock and Intercontinental Champion Edit

Brett Storm would make his ECCW Debut by defeating Pentagon Jr in a table match in the first ECCW match. Later in the night after Matteo was screwed out of his ECCW IC Title, he would attack Alex Shelley and announce that he and Matteo would take out Raven and his New Raven's Flock. Brett Storm is set to face Tech at ECCW Warzone. At ECCW Warzone, Brett would get destroyed by Tech before Tech Chokeslammed him through the announce table. On the ECCW show after Warzone, Storm and Matteo would team up to face Tech and Alex Shelley in a losing effort. At Royal Rumble, he and Matteo would defeat Tech in a Handicap before entering the Royal Rumble. Storm would enter at Number 1 and would eliminate 10 Superstars (Tech, TJ X, Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey, Roderick Strong, Curtis Stunt, Triple H, Demon Spyke, Max Mercury and Tank) before being eliminated by TKE. He would mange Mahadi Khan on the ECCW after Royal Rumble in his ECCW Heavyweight Title Defense against Alex Shelley. At Destiny, Brett Storm would be unable to win the ECCW Intercontinental Title. At Wrestlemania 1, Brett Storm would defeat Alex Shelley to become the new ECCW Intercontinental Champion. On the ECCW Show after WrestleMania, he would announce that every week, he would do Open Challenges for his Intercontinental Championship. Brett would then successfully defend his Title against Alex Shelley in a WrestleMania Rematch. Over the next couple weeks Brett Storm would defeat the likes of Undershock, TJ X and Jake Navor for his Intercontinental Championship, the latter of which happened at Total Domination. On route to Xplosion, Brett Storm defended his title against PJ Skillz, Brandon Wolfe & Casablanca. At Xplosion, Brett Storm would successfully defend his Title against Arrow. Brett would then defend the Title against Chris Danger at ECCW Path of Exile via referee stoppage. On the show after Path of Exile, Brett would issue his final Open Challenge where he lost his Title to Angel Alexander.

Season 1 Reboot: Feud with Matteo and Change to Morpheus Edit

At the first CPV of the ECCW Reboot, Royal Rumble, Brett Storm will face TKE to crown an inaugural ECCW Universal Champion. On the Raw after Royal Rumble, Brett Storm would distract Matteo during his match with TKE allowing TKE to retain his title. After the match, Brett would attack Matteo and clothesline Matteo out the ring. Brett would then be attacked by TKE with the Universal Championship. After the show, it was announced that Brett Storm will face TKE & Matteo in a Triple Threat Match at Warzone for the Universal Championship. At Warzone, Brett Storm would lose to TKE in the Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship. After the match, Matteo hit a Brainbuster on Brett Storm and announced that Matteo would face Brett Storm right there and then which Storm would lose after Matteo took advantage. At WrestleMania, Brett Storm would appear as Morpheus for the first time in ECCW, defeating Matteo in a 3 Stages of Hell Match. At Viral Threat, Morpheus would confront the Wolfpac where he would challenge a member of the Wolfpac to a match at the Clash of the Titans CPV however The Wolfpac would decline. Later in the night, Morpheus would attack Brandon Wolfe & Killer Kai after their Tag Title Match to force the challenge. At Clash of the Titans, Morpheus will face Brandon Wolfe of The Wolfpac. At Clash of the Titans, Morpheus would defeat Brandon Wolfe but would be attacked by Wolfe & Kai after the match.

GYW (2016-present) Edit

Feud with Mr. X, Hounds of Havoc & Global Champion Edit

Brett Storm would make his GYW debut at Summerslam losing a Battle Royal to Sean Avery, he would attack Mr X after the match blaming him for the loss. At One Night Only, Brett would defeat Mr X in a 1 on 1 Match. They would face in a rematch at Hardcore Warfare in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match which Brett would win. Brett would try attack X afterwards but X would fight back so Storm called to the back and out came Matteo & Mahadi Khan who attacked X. They would announce that they are the Hounds of Havoc. At Roadblock, Brett would defeat Jacob Cass to win his first singles championship in GYW, the Global Championship. At Homecoming, Brett will face Brendan X again where it is Career vs Championship in a Ladder Match. At Homecoming II, Brett Storm would lose his Global Championship to Brendan X in a Career v. Title Ladder Match after K2K arrived to help Brendan X after Mahadi Khan & Matteo decided to interfere. Brett would brawl with Brendan later in the show. On the 100 Sub Special, he would lose to Brendan X in his rematch thanks to MJ Stylez distracting Brett for reasons that aren't known. At Evolve, Brett would team with his Hound of Havoc partners Matteo & Mahadi Khan to defeat MJ Stylez and his partners Vandy Phoeuk and Darien Dupes in which was Matteo's & Mahadi Khan's first win in GYW. At King of Hardcore, Brett Storm would help Mahadi Khan & Matteo defeat Vandy & Darien Dupes. At Money in the Bank, Brett Storm would issue an open challenge which would be accepted by Mike House. Brett would lose the match after he walked out on the match.

NHBW (2017) Edit

Brett Storm would compete in the first ever episode of NHBW answering Quincy Demont's Street Fight Open Challenge in a losing effort. This would be a one off appearance however. Brett Storm will challenge for NHBW's Ultraviolent Championship at XWP NXT Take Over: Japan when he faces Quincy Demont where if Brett wins, he joins NHBW full time. At Take Over: Japan, Brett would lose to Quincy meaning he won't join NHBW full time.

EEW (2017-present) Edit

2x United States Champion & Various Feuds Edit

Brett Storm started EEW along with Mahadi Khan and Matteo in early April. At Fatal Carnage he would lose to Cycloper in a match to see who would advance to the Fatal 4 Way Main Event. At Critical Mass he would lose in a United States Title match to Mohammad Khan. At Danger Zone he would beat Mohammad Khan for the United States Championship. At Gambler's Galore, Brett defended the United States Title against Mohammad Khan in their rubber match which took place inside a Steel Cage. Brett Storm will issue an Open Challenge for his Title at Summerslam. At Summerslam, Brett would beat Lula in an Open Challenge before being attacked by Shawn Sokolov who announced his intentions of becoming a champion for the first time in his entire CAW Career. Brett Storm will face Shawn Sokolov for the US Title at Reign of Terror. At Reign of Terror, Brett Storm would lose his U.S Title to Shawn Sokolov in his third defense. At Halloween in Hell, Brett would once again lose to Shawn Sokolov in a rematch for the US Title. After the match, Brett would challenge Sokolov one more time this time with Brett's career on the line. That match will happen at Survivor Series. At Survivor Series, Brett Storm would regain the United States Championship from Shawn Sokolov before turning heel in the main event where he would align himself with the Wolfpac. He would eliminate Chris Danger and would be in the final two for the Wolfpac before being eliminated by Angel Alexander.

Premium Wrestling (2017-present) Edit

Paul Heyman Guy Edit

Brett Storm would debut for Arrow's new promotion Premium Wrestling at their first CPV, New Beginning where Brett came to the ring with Paul Heyman. In his match with Sean Avery, Paul helped his new client win the match by distracting Avery allowing Storm to win.

ENA (2017-present) Edit

Mr Money in the Bank & 2x World Heavyweight Champion Edit

Brett Storm would make his ENA Debut at number 30 in the Royal Rumble but he wouldn't win. At Wrestlemania, Brett would be unsuccessful in the MITB Match. At Money in the Bank 2017, he would win the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match, winning the briefcase for the first time in his career. At Summerslam, Brett Storm will lead Team Smackdown against SWED of Raw. At SummerSlam, Brett Storm would pin Francaios in the 6 Man Tag Team Match. Later in the night, Brett would cash in his MITB to win the ENA World Heavyweight Championship becoming a 6x World Champion. At Night of Champions, Brett Storm would initially lose the World Title to Dynamite S in a Triple Threat Match, only to win it back after GM Mr. Young granted Storm his rematch due to Sio Seb getting pinned. At Halloween Havoc, Brett will defend the ENA World Heavyweight Championship against Dynamite. At Halloween Havoc, Brett would retain his Title against Dynamite. After the match, he would be attacked by the new Number 1 Contender Arrow. At Bragging Rights, Brett Storm will defend the ENA World Title against Arrow. At Bragging Rights, Brett would lose to Arrow but only by disqualification meaning he retained the Title. At TLC, Brett Storm will once again defend the Title against Arrow, this time in a TLC Match. At TLC, Brett would successfully defend his Title against Arrow thanks to the debut of Demon Extreme who attacked Arrow allowing Storm to win. At Royal Rumble, Brett will defend his Heavyweight Championship of the World against Rex. Brett Storm would be voted as ENA's Breakout Star of the Year. At Royal Rumble, Brett would lose his Title after Ahmi Del Rezak cashed in his MITB Briefcase. At End of the Line, Brett would lose to Dynamite. At WrestleMania, Brett will get his rematch for the World Title against Ahmi Del Rezak. However, SCM was soon added to the match.

CPW (2017-Present) Edit

Feud with Anarchy Gang Edit

Brett Storm would start CPW and would compete in CPW's first CPV, Backlash, losing to Shawn Sokolov in a Triple Threat World Title Match. After the match, Brett would be attacked by an unknown CAW Wrestler and Shawn Sokolov. At Roadblock, Brett Storm will face that unknown CAW who has since been revealed to be a new CAW by the name of Mark Gun. At Roadblock, Brett Storm would lose to Mark Gun. After the match, Brett would be attacked by a then unknown Jesse Rage. At No Mercy, Brett will team with Cycloper to face all three members of Anarchy Gang. At No Mercy, Brett & Cycloper would defeat Shawn Sokolov, Mark Gun & Jesse Rage after Cycloper pinned Sokolov. At Money in the Bank, Brett Storm will face off against Shawn Sokolov for the World Heavyweight Championship.

GWI (2017-Present) Edit

GWI World Heavyweight Champion Edit

On the 26th of December 2017, it was announced that Brett Storm has signed a contract with the upcoming CAW Promotion GWI (George Wrestling Industry) . At Royal Rumble, Brett Storm will face Antho in a match to crown the inaugural GWI World Heavyweight Champion. At Royal Rumble Brett would lose to Antho after Nightmare Kid come out to attack Brett. At Elimination Chamber he won when NMK tries again to attack him but this time he move away and Kid would hit his brother Antho, after that Brett would hit Kid with a Superkick and he hit Antho with a Spear and won the GWI World Heavyweight Championship.

In Wrestling Edit

Finishing Moves: Edit

  • Spear; Sometimes with a slingshot variant or when opponent is on apron (YXW, ECCW, XWP, YWE, EWE, GWI) 2016-present
  • Superkick (YWE, GWI) 2016-present; Used as a signature in other promotions
  • Storm Cutter (Standing Cutter) (IWA) 2016-present
  • Chaos Forearm (Springboard Forearm) (IWA) 2016-present
  • Bullhammer Elbow; Sometimes when going through the middle rope(Elbow Smash) (Total Impact, DWF, XWP, EEW) 2016-present
  • Rolling Kneebar (XWP, EEW) 2017-present
  • Burning Hammer (as Morpheus) XWP-2017; ECCW-2017-Present
  • Torture Rack Bomb (as Morpheus) XWP-2017
  • Airplane Spin TKO (as Morpheus) ECCW-2018-Present
  • Samoan Driver (YXW) 2015
  • Suplex Backbreaker (YXW) 2015

Signature Moves: Edit

  • Pele Kick
  • Frog Splash
  • Impaler DDT
  • Superkick
  • Deep Six
  • Backpack Stunner
  • Emerald Fushion
  • Big Boot (as Morpheus)
  • Rope Hung Double Stomp (as Morpheus)
  • Reverse Headlock Backbreaker (as Morpheus)

With Dice: Edit

  • Backbreaker (Brett) & Elbow (Dice)

With Mahadi Khan: Edit

  • Curb Stomp (Mahadi) & Chaos Forearm (Brett)
  • Double Northern Lights Suplex
  • Figure 4 Leg Lock & Kick

Ring Names: Edit

  • Brett Zachary (2015-January 2016)
  • Brett Storm (January 2016-present)
  • Morpheus (XWP-January 2017-April 2017; September 19 2017, ECCW-October 27 2017-present)
  • El Connero (XWP) (September 19 2017)

Nicknames: Edit

  • Mayor of Nutshot City (IWA)
  • Mr. Money In The Bank (ENA)
  • Paul Heyman Guy (Premium Wrestling)
  • The Face of ENA (ENA) (As World Champion)

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit




Total Impact:


  • EWE NXT Champion - 1x (Current)





  • GYW Global Champion - 1x


  • ENA World Heavyweight Champion - 2x
  • 2017 Smackdown Money in the Bank
  • 2017 Breakout Star of the Year


  • CXW World Champion - 1x 
  • CXW Grappleweight Champion - 1x
  • Tournament of Death (Season 2)


  • PCW Champion - 1x (Current)


  • GWI World Heavyweight Championship - 1x (Current)

CAW Wrestling Observer:

  • Ranked No.21 of the Top 25 Wrestlers in 2016
  • Ranked No.6 of the Top 25 Wrestlers in 2017
  • 5 Star Match (2016) - Total Impact Extreme Rules: Brett Storm vs. Jake Navor
  • 5 Star Match (2016) - YXW Road To Gold S03: Max Mercury (c) vs. Brett Storm
  • 5 Star Match (2017) - XWP Survivor Series II: Brett Storm (c) vs. Matteo
  • 5 Star Match (2017) - IWA Summerslam S02: The Arising (Angel Alexander, Brett Storm, Mahadi Khan, Matteo & Mohammad Khan) (c) vs DoggyDog, SWED (Roacher & Francaios), Demon Spyke & Max Mercury
  • 5 Star Match (2017) - DWF No Way Out S03: Max Mercury (c) vs Brett Storm
  • 5 Star Match (2018) - IWA Survivor Series S02: The Arising (Angel Alexander (c), Brett Storm (c), Mahadi Khan (c), Mohammad Khan (c), Matteo & Sean Avery (c)) vs Team Bring It (DoggyDog & Arrow), SWED (Francaios & Roacher), Max Mercury (c) & Flamer

Recognized as Internet Champion among XWP, IWA, & ECCW. Brett Storm was known as Morpheus during this time.