Birds of Prey are a tag team currently active in the XWF. The team is made up of Hawk and Falcon and are recognized as one of the best tag teams in the XWF's tag division.

Birds of Prey

XWF's Developmental 2010 - 2011Edit

The Birds of Prey spent a couple of years training in The Owners developmental arena, they made a name for themselves feuding with many teams such as the Hardcore Hate Crew.

XWF CareerEdit

At the start of the XWF both members of Birds Of Prey were entered into the Demolition Series as singles
Birds of prey tag champs

Birds of Prey as Tag Division Champions

wrestlers, however neither managed to get past the first round. They would go on to win the open invitation tag gauntlet match at the Demolition PPV.

Birds Of Prey would defend the titles on numerous occasions before dropping them to the C.W.O. Hawk would dip his toes in singles wrestling for a short time, winning a number one contendership spot for the Internet Championship, but would fail to capture the belt from Johnny Kamikazi.  The Birds of Prey would return to tag competition but loose a number one contendership tornament in the final round to Pegasus. Before Absolution Birds of Prey would defeat the team of Static and Insano to win number one contendership for the Tag Division Titles at Absolution, however Pegasus would challenge Birds of Prey to put the contendership on the line. Birds of Prey defeated Pegasus to keep their place at Absolution. At Absolution Birds Of Prey defeated the Hardcore Hate Crew to become two time Tag Division Champions.

Season 2 Edit

Birds of Prey would start season 2 as the Tag Division Champions, they would successfully defend the titles on episodes of Shockwave Aftershock and Tremors, and defended the titles against Bronx Bunny at the Demolition PPV. Bronx Bunny would get a rematch at the Meltdown PPV, where the Birds of Prey were defeated and dropped the titles.

Signature Double Team MovesEdit

  • Coast to Coast
  • Double Japanese Arm Drag (into Double Kip Up)
  • Held in place Enziguri

XWF Title HistoryEdit

2 x XWF Tag Division Champions

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