Anthony Payne is a wrestler from the world of CAW. He is currently signed to XWP (Xtreme Wrestling Promotion) where he is a former United States Champion and current Hardcore Champion.

XWP (2016-Present) Edit

Season 1: United States Champion & Raw Brand Edit

Anthony Payne would make his XWP Debut as a part of Roacher's team against Francaios, Connor & Jake Navor. He would eliminate Connor but would be eliminated himself by Jake Navor. The next night, he would beat Joshie P to earn a spot in the US Title Match at Royal Rumble. At Royal Rumble, he would beat Silvio & Demon Extreme to become the inaugural champion. On the Raw after Royal Rumble, he would defend the Title against Jackson Montgomery before being confronted by Alieus. At Danger Zone, he would lose the United States Championship to Alieus. He would also fail in his chance to regain the title. Later in the night he would attack Jacob Cass out of frustration. At WrestleMania, Anthony would defeat Jacob Cass.

Season 2: Move to Smackdown; Tag Team & Hardcore Champion Edit

On the Raw after Mania, Payne would be drafted to Smackdown. Payne would defeat Jackson Montgomery to earn a spot in the Vacant Intercontinental Title Match. At Betrayal, Payne would lose in his attempt to win the IC Title. At Mayhem, he would team with old rival Jacob Cass to beat X Bullet Club's Reggie Killer & Kenny Taylor. At Summerslam, Anthony would compete in the Hardcore Rumble match but would be eliminated by frenemy Jacob Cass. At Psychopath, Anthony Payne would defeat Joshie P & Jacob Cass to win the XWP Hardcore Championship. Payne would stare off with Cass afterwards announcing they would face off at Survivor Series for the Hardcore Title. At Survivor Series, Payne would retain his Title against Cass. The two would handshake afterwards. At Destruction, Anthony Payne would lose his Hardcore Title to Reggie Killer after heavy interference from X Bullet Club. At Unforgiven, Payne would team with Jacob Cass to defeat X Bullet Club. After which they would be attacked by The Silver Brothers. They would return the favor later on which would lead to a Tag Title Match at WrestleMania 2 which Anthony Payne & Jacob Cass would win, officially becoming a Team in the process.

Season 3: Heel Turn; Feud with SWED & 2x Tag Team Champion Edit

Soon after WrestleMania 2, it was announced that Jacob Cass & Anthony Payne's first Title defense would take place at Betrayal against former Champions The Silver Brothers. At Betrayal, Payne & Cass would retain the Titles against The Silvers only to be attacked by The Silvers afterwards.At Outlaw, Cass & Payne would successfully defend their Tag Titles against Gore & Perkins but they would be attacked by The Silver Brothers after the match and their Titles would be stolen by the Silvers. At Broken Bonds, Cass & Payne would retain their Titles against The Silver Brothers one final time to end the feud. At Pick Your Poison, Cass & Payne would lose the Tag Titles to SWED. They would shows signs of a heel turn by refusing to shake SWED's hands afterwards. At Money in the Bank, after losing to SWED again, Cass & Payne would attack SWED officially turning heel. At Summerslam, Cass & Payne would defeat SWED to become the first ever 2x XWP Tag Team Champions. At Psychopath, Payne would compete in his first CPV main event teaming with Jacob Cass to defeat SWED to retain the Tag Team Championship. They would be attacked by Rebellion after the match. At Nightmares, Payne & Cass would lose the Tag Titles to Rebellion. After the match, Payne & Cass would argue for a little bit before stopping and saying they will win back the Titles at Survivor Series.

Championships & Accomplishments Edit


CAW Wrestling Observer:

  • 5 Star Match (2018) - XWP Psychopath S03: Anthony Payne & Jacob Cass (c) vs SWED (Francaios & Roacher)