Antho in YWE

Antho is an original CAW created by "giger890", is currently with YWE (Youtube Wrestling Entertaiment) since 2010 and YCW (YouTube Championship Wrestling). He is in a team with his brother Nightmare Kid called Nightmare Syndrome. He is the Current Record Breaking 4 Time YWE Champion. He is also the YWE 2014 Royal Rumble Winner, YWE 2012 RAW Mr. MITB, a former WCA Champion, ELW 2013 RAW Mr. MITB Winner. 

YWE (2010-present)Edit

Antho as YWE Champion
Debut, Feud with RKO and Pursuit of the YWE Championship

At YWE Night Of Champions 2010, Antho debuted in a Six-Pack Changge for the YWE Championship match which also featured Grimez (c), Phsycoz, Rogan, Tornado and Dynamite, which won Rogan after covering Antho finally to interference by starting a feud RKO at Summerslam helped beat Tornado to RKO that night Antho got his revenge by Rogan ywe Championship before winning by Count-Out but not won the title in Hell in A Cell was again losing another revenge match at Bragging Rights teamed with Tornado to face RKO by Tag team titles but lost at Survivor Series and teamed up with Tornado Grimez to face RKO at Survivor Series winning team Antho, Finally on TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs Antho defeated Rogan, Grimez, Tornado in a TLC Match to win the YWE Championship and this is their first title. At the Royal Rumble successfully defended the YWE Championship against Rogan, in face to Grimez Elimination Chamber for the title match ending in Double Count-Out, WrestleMania 2 Antho lost the title to Phsycoz, also participated in the match Grimez in Extreme Rules had his rematch for the title match before losing Phsycoz due to intervention of Double D, then was traded to the SmackDown! where he began a feud with his former mentor who defeated Tornado at The Bash, but lost at Summerslam by Count-Out after being attacked by Tornado at Backstage before the match ending their feud in Breaking Point where Tornado defeated in First Blood Match. At Survivor Series was a shot at the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship match against Angel also participated in the Tornado losing the match, got his revenge on TLC lost again due to interference of Fayth.

Heel Turn & Various Feuds; Mr. Raw MITBEdit

In Elimination Chamber, Antho turns heel after attacking his brother Nightmare Kid debut after starting a feud tangling match at WrestleMania 3 being defeated but at Extreme Rules and Nitro defeated him his feud culminated in that event. At Money In The Bank he entered the Raw MITB Match but lost to Scott Razor. He started a feud with Scott Razor saying that he is shocked that a guy like Scott Razor would win the MITB briefcase and that he should be allowed in amatch against Razor for the case and Scott Razor accepts. At Summerslam Antho was defeated by Scott Razor, out of frustration he attacked Razor from behind backstage and stole the briefcase. Throughout Night of Champions Antho and Razor brawled backstage during the event. Razor demanded where the briefcase is, Antho responded if only Razor can beat him in a falls count anywhere at Hell in a Cell. At Hell in a Cell Antho defeated Razor to keep the briefcase. At Survivor Series, Antho tried to cash in but was stopped by PJ Skillz. He started a feud with PJ saying that PJ doesn't deserve to be in the main event. At TLC PJ Skillz defeated Antho in a singles match. After TLC Scott Razor returned to attack Antho. These 2 decided to end the feud at the Royal Rumble where if Razor wins he gets the briefcase but if Antho wins Scott Razor retires. At Royal Rumble with the help of his younger brother Nightmare Kid he defetaed Razor to retire him. At Elimination Chamber he faced off against PJ Skillz during the match it seemed Antho had the match won with an Antho KO but PJ kicked out then Antho decided to just leave the match but was insulted by Lula for saying that he can't even finish a match then Antho went back into the ring to get pinned by PJ Skillz. At Wrestlemania 4 he teamed up with his youger bro Nightmare Kid but lost to the Bro Code. At Raw 1000 special Antho declared that he would cash in the contract at KOTR before he AnthoKOed Lula. At Extreme Rules Antho lost to Lula in a Ladder Match after the match he AnthoKOed him.

Multiple YWE Championship Reigns, Face TurnEdit

During PJ Skillz's match against Double D, Antho came to the ring and AnthoKoed PJ and cashed in the MITB contract to win his 2nd YWE Championship. At KOTR Antho defended his YWE Title against PJ Skillz & Double D and lost to PJ but then Tornado came out and said that Antho's rematch would happen immediatly and then he AnthoKOed PJ to win his record setting 3rd YWE Championship. At Money In The Bank, his match with PJ Skillz ended in No Contest with Antho retaining the championship. After PJ was fired after their match at MITB he was scheduled to defend the title against KOTR winner Crazy One. At Summerslam, Antho lost the title to Crazy One after being thrown back into the ring by a newly resigned PJ Skillz after he attempted to get away with the title. Antho had his rematch at Night Of Champions in a Scramble Match. At Night Of Champions, Antho lost to Crazy One once again so he didn't win the title. At Vengeance, Antho turned Face when he helped his rival PJ fight off the Power Trip. At Survivor Series, PJ & Antho failed to beat The Gauntlet, after the match The Power Trip would once again beat down PJ before Antho saved him, however Antho would refuse to handshake PJ. At TLC, he would help PJ win his match against Thunder after AKOed Scott Razor & Thunder.

2014 Royal Rumble Winner, Record Time YWE Champion, & Feud with The Union & LulaEdit

At the Royal Rumble, Antho would enter at No.20 where he eliminated Diamond Deuce, Rogan, Gold Stallion, Dark Shark, and last eliminated Angel to win the Royal Rumble Match. Before he would enter the ring he would be attacked by B Mad Phoenix & A.J. Reyes. Antho is set to face the recently signed AJ Reyes at Elimination Chamber. At Elimination Chamber, Antho would lose to A.J. due to interference by The Union. Antho would later save Dark Shark from an attack from PJ only to be attacked by Thunder, then he would get attacked by PJ to end the night. At Wrestlemania 5, Antho would defeat PJ Skillz in a match for the YWE Championship after The Union & Dark Shark interfered. At Extreme Rules, Antho would lose the YWE Title back to PJ Skillz in a 6 Man Tag Team Match after PJ used brass knucks. Afterwards, Antho would argue with Lula because of Lula almost costing him the title at one point in the match. At No Way Out, Antho would compete in a Fatal 4 Way Match for the YWE Title, that also involved Lula & Dark Shark, but he would end up losing to PJ Skillz. Afterwards, Antho would give an AKO to Lula before being hit with a clothesline by Dark Shark. At Money In The Bank, Antho would lose the MITB Ladder Match to Lula, however he would prevent Lula from cashing in on PJ Skillz in the main event by attacking him out of anger. At Summerslam, Antho would lose a match to Lula with Lula's MITB Briefcase on the line. Later that night, Antho & Nightmare Kid would attack The Union and would save Angel from being fired.

Nightmare Syndrome & YWE Tag Team ChampionsEdit

At Night Of Champions, Nightmare Syndrome (Antho & Nightmare Kid) would be chosen by the YWE Universe to face The Union for the Tag Titles where they were able to defeat them to become the new YWE Tag Team Champions. At Hell In A Cell, right before their match on the entrance ramp Nightmare Syndrome would get attacked by The Union (Thunder & B-Mad). Despite this, Nightmare Syndrome were still able to defeat The Union to retain their tag titles. At Backlash 2016, Nightmare Syndrome would retain their titles against the team of DoggyDog & Francaios, who answered Antho's open challenge. After the match, DoggyDog would attack Antho's brother Nightmare Kid. At Survivor Series 2016, Antho would manage his brother Nightmare Kid for his match against DoggyDog and would give DoggyDog an AKO after the match when DoggyDog started attacking Nightmare Kid. At TLC 2016, Nightmare Syndrome would lose the Tag Titles to SWED following a distraction by DoggyDog.

Various Feuds Edit

At Royal Rumble 2017, Antho would lose in a Handicap Rematch for the Tag Titles after DoggyDog attacked Nightmare Kid backstage and put him on the shelf. Later in the night, Antho would return the favor by eliminating Doggy from the rumble match. At Roadblock, Antho & Doggy agreed to settle things at Wrestlemania before getting into another brawl. At Wrestlemania 6, Antho would lose to DoggyDog in an Anything Goes Match. At Hell in a Cell Antho will make his return and he hit every member of The Union with a AKO.  

YCW (2012-present)Edit

Debut & Feud with American ThunderEdit

Antho made his YCW debut at Royal Rumble but failed to win. At Elimination Chamber, teaming up with Devon Havoc out the victorious team after beating The All-Americans in a tag team interpromotional match Havoc helping end his feud with The All -Americans. At RAW, Antho interrumped a sign contract for the YCW Championship beetwen Mario Sánchez and American Thunder. At WrestleMania, Antho will face against Mario and American Thunder in a Triple Threat match for the YCW Championship. At WrestleMania, Antho would end up losing to Mario Sanchez in the Triple Threat Match, for the YCW Championship, that also involved American Thunder.

ELW (2013-present)Edit

Debut & Mr. RAW MITBEdit

It was reported that Antho had signed a contract with ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling). His debut date is unknown. He debuted on the second episode of RAW Danger Zone accepting the open challenge of Curtis in a winning effort. At money in the bank he participate at the money in the bank match In a winning effort. At ELW Blood Blame, Antho would defeat CJ Phoenix in a match to keep his MITB briefcase. 

ELW ChampionEdit

At Saturday Night's Main Event, Antho would cash in his MITB Briefcase on the ELW Champion Burke after he was attacked by Igniter. He then attacked Burke with a steel chair and then pinned him to become the new ELW Champion.

WCA (2013-present)Edit

It was reported that Antho had signed a contract with WCA (Wrestling Championship Attitude). Antho made his WCA debut at Versus form part of team YCW alonside Mario Sánchez and ED Master to face team WCA formed by Raider X, King and Mark Morton in winning effort. He participated in Royal Rumble match but failed to win. At WrestleMania 1, he teamed up with Mr. JD defeated Mark Morton and Shark. At Unforgiven, Antho faced to Shark in winning effort. At Crash, Antho competed in a Fatal-4 Way Match for the WCA Championship, but failed to capture the title as the match was won by Shark. Straight Code Star and Rey Extremo are also involved in the match. He participate in the Anarchy In the Assault Money In the Bank Ladder match but lost to Alex Mins. At Hell Georgia, Antho faced to Omega in a winning effort. At Fatal-4 Way, he recieved an WCA Championship match but failed to win the title after lost to Alex Mins.

YUW (2014-present)Edit

Antho made his debut at Royal Rumble and entered in the Rumble match as a suprise entrant but failed to win after being eliminated by Mario Sanchez.

YFW (2014-present)Edit

It was reported that Antho had signed a contract with YFW (Youtube Full Wrestling). He is scheduled to make his debut to face ED Master at Capital Carnage.

OWF (2014-present)Edit

It was reported that Antho had signed a contract with OWF (Online Wrestling Federation). When he will debut is unknown.

Vengeance (2014-present)Edit

Antho debuted on Vengeance at KoTR in a Triple Threat No DQ match winning the Vengeance Internet Championship

SWE (2014-present)Edit

Debut; Feuds with AJ Reyes & RockerEdit

On February 19 it was report that Antho had signed a contract with SWE, there are rumors that may be present as a special guest at Wrestlemania 1. At Wrestlemania turns out to be the special referee of the match, after the victory of AJ Reyes, Antho attacks him with his AKO, declaring him self new #1 contender for the United States Championship. A Raw the night after Wrestlemania AJ Reyes calls out Antho for a confrontation and a fight breaks out between the two that is stopped by the staff of the "S" WWE and Mr. Molinaro. At Extreme Rules, would lose to A.J. in a Last Man Standing Match after the shock return of Rocker and chokeslammed Antho through the ring. At KOTR, Antho would return to chase Rocker out of the ring giving Lula the victory against Rocker. Antho is set to face Rocker in an Inferno Match at Money In The Bank. At the PPV Antho defeated Rocker to getting his revenge. At Summerslam 2014 lose against Rocker in a Extreme Rules Match. At Night of Champions, Antho would defeat Rocker in a Last Man Standing Match to end the feud. At No Way Out, Antho would team up with PJ Skillz & Jack 2D as representatives RAW to defeat Team Smackdown (Phenom, Straight Code Star, & Arrow) in a 6 Man Tag Team Match.

Feud with Kenneth & InjuryEdit

At Hell In A Cell, Antho would lose a Tag Team Match to The Nexus after his tag team partner, Kenneth, walked out on him. At Survivor Series, Antho would lose a Singles Match to Kenneth. At TLC, Antho would distract Kenneth long enough for Rio Best to hit his finisher and retain the title. Afterwards, Antho would hit an AKO on Kenneth.

At Royal Rumble, Antho would lose a No.1 Contenders Match to Kenneth. Later, Antho would enter the Royal Rumble Match at No.13 where he managed to eliminate Kenneth, Jacob Cass, & Francesco U.Asta before being eliminated by Mario Sanchez.. At Elimination Chamber 2015 will be eliminated by PJ Skillz in a Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, After Elimination Chamber Mr. Molinaro confirmed that Antho will be out for Injury and his ring return is unknown.

Return & Mr. RAW MITB; SWE ChampionEdit

At Money In The Bank, Antho would attack PJ Skillz backstage to take his spot in the RAW MITB Ladder Match and win the MITB Briefcase to earn a shot at the SWE Title at time or place in the next year. Phenom didn't like the circumstances on how Antho was entered into the match by attacking PJ Skillz and taking his spot, so he challenged Antho to a match at Summerslam. At Summerslam, Antho would defeat Phenom in a Singles Match. It would be revealed to the SWE Universe that Antho had attacked PJ Skillz and a match was made between the both of them at the next CPV. At Night Of Champions, Antho would lose a Singles Match to PJ Skillz. Antho would then issue a rematch at HIAC against PJ Skillz in a No Disqualification Match. At Hell In A Cell, Antho would defeat PJ Skillz in a No Disqualification Match after he did an AKO on the steel steps. Later that night, Antho would cash in his MITB briefcase on Lula to win the SWE Championship after Team YWE (Mr. Black, Blue Star, & Angel) had attacked Lula & Mario Sanchez after their HIAC Match for the SWE Championship.

MWF (2015-present)Edit

Debut & Feud with ArrowEdit

It was reported that Antho had signed a contract with the new CAW promotion MWF. He will debut at its first ever CPV show, Fast Lane, against Arrow in a Singles Match. At Fast Lane, Antho would lose a Singles Match to Arrow. At WrestleMania, Antho would lose a rematch to Arrow with this time being in a Falls Count Anywhere Match and for the ECW Championship. At Extreme Rules, Antho would lose to Arrow, once again, in a Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match that also involved Crazy One and was for the ECW Championship.

DWF (2015-2016)Edit

Season 1: Championship Pursuits & DepartureEdit

REW (2017-Present) Edit


Antho would go one on one against DJ and came out victorious.

GWI (2017-Present) Edit

Debut and GWI World Heavyweight Champion Edit

Antho will make his GWI debut at Royal Rumble S01 with his brother Nightmare Kid. At Royal Rumble he beat Brett Storm in a No DQ match, after his brother hit Brett with a sledgehammer and then Antho hit the AKO, turn Heel, and become the inaugural GWI Heavyweight Champion. At Elimination Chamber Antho would lose the GWI WHC to Brett Storm when his brother tries to help him to retain but he hit Antho accidentally and Brett hit Antho with a spear and took the title.

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit


  • YWE Champion - 4x 
  • YWE Tag Team Champion - 1x with Nightmare Kid
  • RAW Mr. Money In The Bank 2012
  • 2014 Royal Rumble Winner
  • 2010 New Commer of the Year


  • WCA Champion - 1x 
  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x 


  • ELW Champion - 1x (Current)
  • Mr. Money In The Bank 2013 (RAW)


  • SWE Champion - 1x (Current)
  • 2015 RAW Mr. MITB


  • Vengeance Internet Champion - 1x (Current)


  • United States Champion - 1x  


  • YTW Champion - 2x


  • XCW Champion - 1x 


  • Hardcore Champion - 1x


  • GWI World Heavyweight Champion - 1x


  • CXW Television Champion - 1x (Current)

CAW Wrestling Observer:

  • 5 Star Match (June 8, 2014) - YWE Wrestlemania 5: Antho vs. PJ Skillz (c)

Entrance MusicEdit

Theme Song:

  • "Stronger" by Trust Company (2010-Present)

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