America O´ Clock

America O' Clock  is an original CAW that is currently signed to the CAW promotion ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling). He is the brother of Jacob Cass (YCW) and former Tag Team Champion.

ELW (2012-present)Edit

Debut; The America Clocks and InjuryEdit

America O´ Clock debuted in a ELW non-aired show in a singles match against Zachary and won. He would then form a tag team with Todo Americano called The American Clocks. At No Way Out, the two beat champions British Savior & The English Luchador in a tables match. Later after two weeks the two lost the championships to Flash and Dash, that night suffered an injury leaving him inactive two months. 

Return to Single's competitionEdit

At Danger Zone, made his return with a new look and wins a Battle Royal to qualify in the Scramble match for the ECW Championship. At Extreme Rules, competed in the Championship Scramble match, but lost. Later, he has been drafted to WCW/SmackDown. At Saturday Night's Main Event, use again his old outfit and faced against the newcomer Justin Electric and lost. At The Bash, O´Clock competed in a 6-Man Battle Royal at The Bash but failed to win. then entered a 8 man tournament to declare the first Cruiserweight Champion and defeated Zie Chang in the first round, but then lost in the second round against Jeff Evascene. He will be competeing in the MITB challenge for Smackdown and is with his enemy Zie Chang so that will be interesting.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Tag Team Champion - 1x, with Todo Americano