Promotion Alliance Wrestling Caw
Brand(s) N/A
Date October 21, 2016 - February 19, 2017
Venue Korakuen Hall

Tokyo Dome

City Okayama


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Last Event AWC Unforgiven 2016
Next Event AWC Death Games 2017
The G1 (Grade 1) Climax is a Round Robin Tournament held by AWC (Alliance Wrestling CAW). The G1 Climax is comprised of 12 wrestlers split into two groups of six known as the A Block & B Block. Each block holds its own round robin tournament with the two superstars with the most points advancing to the Final Round in a Single Elimination Tournament. The winner of each block is determined by a point system: two points for a victory, 1 point for a draw, and zero points for a loss.

AWC G1 Climax I Round RobinEdit

The first G1 Climax was held from October 21, 2016 to February 19, 2017. On September 7, 2016, the AWC would announce the 12 participants for the G1 Climax which included six AWC stars (Shawn, Scott Jay, Amber, Leon, Raven, & DoggyDog) & six freelancers (Arrow, AJ Reyes, Mike House, Roacher, Maxakrer, & Mario Sanchez). The prize of this G1 Climax is a No.1 Contendership to the AWC World Championship. 

Final StandingsEdit

Block A Block B
Arrow 6 Amber 6
Mike House 6 Roacher 6
DoggyDog 5 Shawn 6
Raven 5 Mario Sanchez 4
AJ Reyes 4 Scott Jay 4
Leon 4 Maxakrer 2
  • Shawn would be disqualified from the Tournament on last day of the Round Robin portion of the tournament due to Shawn winning the AWC World Championship from Rocky'N at DWF WrestleMania 2
Block A Arrow Doggy House Leon. Raven Reyes
Arrow X Doggy Arrow Arrow Raven Arrow
Doggy Doggy X House Leon Draw Doggy
House Arrow House X House House Reyes
Leon Arrow Leon House X Leon Reyes
Raven Raven Draw House Leon X Raven
Reyes Arrow Doggy Reyes Reyes Raven X
Block B Amber Maxakrer Roacher Sanchez Scott J. Shawn
Amber X Amber Amber Sanchez Amber Shawn
Maxakrer Amber X Roacher Sanchez Maxakrer Shawn
Roacher Amber Roacher X Roacher Scott J. Roacher
Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Roacher X Scott J. Goth
Scott J. Amber Maxakrer Scott J. Scott J. X Shawn
Shawn Shawn Shawn Roacher Goth Shawn X
  • Shawn would be replaced in his final match by Goth due to being AWC World Champion by the end of the Tournament.

AWC G1 Climax I FinalsEdit

G1 Finals
Promotion Alliance Wrestling Caw
Brand(s) N/A
Date February 19, 2017
Venue Tokyo Dome
City Tokyo
Theme song Astraphobia - Closer To Myself

Fivefold - Step Back ONLAP - Forever

Last Event AWC Unforgiven 2016
Next Event AWC Death Games 2017
The G1 Climax would take place on February 19th, 2017 in the Tokyo Dome. This show featured both the Semi-Finals & the Finals of G1 Climax including an ECW Championship Open Challenge and two singles matches. Arrow would go on to win his Semi-Finals match against Roacher and would defeat Amber in a 5 Star Classic to win the G1 Climax. At the end of show, Mr. Eagle would present Arrow the IWGP Intercontinental Championship as his prize.


  1. G1 Climax Semi-Finals: Arrow def. Roacher
  2. G1 Climax Semi Finals: Amber def. Mike House
  3. Chris Zero def. David Mill by DQ
    • David Mill made his official AWC debut and so did Dustin Martinez. PJ Skillz would save Chris Zero from an attack by Rebellion after the match
  4. Hunter def. Jason Cage
    • Special Guest Referee: DoggyDog
  5. ECW Championship: K2K (c) def. Matt via stoppage
    • Mr. Eagle would stop the match after K2K put Matt in a submission manuever
  6. G1 Climax Finals: Arrow def. Amber
    • After the match, Mr. Eagle would award Arrow with the IWGP Intercontinental Championship 

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