AWA World Championship

The AWA World Heavyweight Championship  is a professional "Caw Wrestling" championship in AWC. It is the first World title established in AWC, having been introduced in 2013. Goth became the first "World Champion" after defeating Shawn, Max, Rocky'N, Scott Jay, Ryan at Six Battle Royal in AWC Raw is War 2013.

Title History Edit

No. Wrestler Reing Date Event Days


No. Defenses
1 Goth 1 6. October 2013 AWC Raw is War 2013 241 2
2 Shawn 1 4. June 2014 AWC Main Event Live! 2014 55 0
3 Rocky'N 1 29. July 2014 AWC Payback 2014 899 10
4 Shawn 2 13. January 2017 DWF WrestleMania 2 (S02) 161+ 4+


  • Rocky'N has the longest reign of the AWA/World Heavywieght Chamipionship.
  • Shawn has the shortest reing and the first to win "Two Times" the AWA/World Heavywieght Chamipionship.

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