AWC (Alliance Wrestling CAW) is a CAW wrestling promotion run by "Mr. AWC". It has been running on and off since 2013 and is still running to this day. The General Manager of AWC is Mr. Eagle. AWC creates a new brand with Mr. Eagle ad Jonathan Storm called Project New Frontier X.

AWC Main RosterEdit




Tag Teams/StablesEdit

AWC Project New Frontier X Roster Edit

  • Bob García.
  • Brown Claw
  • Devon.
  • ED García.
  • Havoc.
  • Kyle.
  • Jacob.
  • Jason Daniels.
  • Josh Silver.
  • Loki.
  • Maxakrer.
  • Travis Bane.
  • Sean Avery.
  • Yosef.
  • ????.
  • TKE.
  • Zack Thompson.

Tag Teams Edit

  • Latin Heats (ED García & Bob García).
  • BOOM!! (Loki & Jacob).

AWC Main Roster ICPVsEdit

AWC Main Roster ICPVs Tournaments Edit

AWC Main Roster ICPVs Special Edition Edit

  • Clash Of the Worlds 2017/2018.

AWC Project New Frontier X Episodes Edit

  • Episode 0 - New Beginning.
  • Episode 1 - New Frontier.

AWC Project New Frontier X Tournaments Edit

  • AWC Battle Of Los Angeles (BOLA).

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